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Genderless Beauty | Rise: Andrej Pejic

Andrej Pejic & Jana K by Matthew Brookes for Vogue Turkey November 2010 | Picture as seen on: Chadwick Models

The times when we used to define people by gender – a he or a she – are over. Enter the new era. The era of genderless beauty.

Fashion – just like art – is a reflection of society and of the times; as such, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the latest modelling sensation is one that possesses a kind of beauty of such magnitude, that it surpasses gender definitions. A kind of beauty that is unlabable (is that even a word?), ethereal, almost angelical… Genderless beauty.

Now, the subject of gender has always been a part of fashion’s conversation. Ever since women started wearing trousers – a garment once seen exclusively as male clothing – we have witnessed
a constant evolution in the concept of gender and identity through fashion. From the launch of unisex fragrances and clothing, to the boom of the androgynous look; the rise of the transgender supermodel, to now its latest incarnation personified by fashion’s latest muse: model Andrej Pejic.

Andrej Pejic for Marc by Marc Jacobs | Picture as seen on: Chadwick Models

Emerging as a poster boy for fashion androgyny, it didn’t take long until Andrej’s platinum blonde hair and stunning genderless features caught the attention of Chadwick Models, followed by fashion’s biggest visionaries; from legendary fashion photographers like Steven Meisel and Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott; to fashion’s heavyweight designers.

It wasn’t until Andrej walked the womenswear couture shows in Paris – even appearing in a
wedding dress for Jean Paul Gaultier – that he became the hottest thing in both, the menswear
and womenswear catwalks. Ever since, the fashion world seems to have fallen in love with
the new genderless model.

Andrej Pejic | Picture as seen on: Chadwick Models

But it isn’t just the fashion industry that is in love with Andrej’s striking beauty. FHM – Ahem! a men’s magazine – recently published its list of the “100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011” in which Andrej Pejic’s name appeared on the 98th spot, above Lady GaGa and below Bar Refaeli. The listing was removed shortly after due to the controversy that followed its publication.

The fascinating thing about the 19 years old Serbian Australian model is that he possesses
a kind of beauty that defies gender in a new way; a way in which, when confronted with
his almost otherworldly looks, it really makes you wonder if the concept of gender definition
is any longer relevant in the new world we live in.

Andrej Pejic | Picture as seen on: Chadwick Models

Andrej’s beautiful energy and stunning looks are so otherworldly and so oddly futuristic – in a
“new breed of human race” kinda way – that it really does not come as a surprise that so many
designers are signing him up. After all, fashion is always about looking forward. So expect to see
a lot of Andrej come next season.

Even we struggled to place Andrej into a she or he category when we first saw this interview with Hilary Alexander. We just don’t see gender when we look at the beautiful image and the energy that seems to emanate from people like Andrej and like so many other genderless models and actors that we see everywhere nowadays. All we can see when we look at them is beauty… and beauty is genderless.

Samantha’s famous quote from Sex & The City – the series – comes to mind when you look at the
stunning images here photographed by Michelle Du Xuan for this month’s edition of Carbon Copy,
featuring Andrej Pejic and Maryna Buniak in: ‘She is the boy & he is the girl’.

Samantha: “The new millennium won’t be about sexual labels, it’ll be about sexual expression. Soon everyone will be pansexual. It won’t matter if you’re gay or straight.”

Could we be witnessing the beginning of a new genderless era?

Check out Andrej Pejic’s full profile at Chadwick Models.

All images as seen on Chadwick Models:




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