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Happy Monday with Modelmanagement: What’s the weekend gossip?

Yes, we know its Monday, the beginning of the week and Friday is still five days away. BUT, Mondays aren’t so bad, it’s the afternoon now and another Monday will almost be over in just a couple short hours- it’s not like we’re counting. are wanting to make your Mondays more manageable and we believe there’s nothing better than reviewing all the weekend goss on a Monday to make your day that little bit more bearable. So, from Harry Styles driving fans crazy over his new short hair-do to Justin Bieber’s tattoo spiraling fans out of control lets enjoy some fresh scandal from the weekend!

Firstly, Friday kicked of nicely thanks to Justin Timberlake releasing his new single ‘Can’t stop the feeling’ featuring DreamWorks film cast for the animation ‘Trolls’. JT’s new single can raise your mood from 0 to 100 real quick from the catchy tune and his music vid featuring other celebs like Anna Kendrick and James Corden. 

Some other big chitchat from the weekend involves Harry Styles’ mop-chop! This caused some controversial hype with fans who were either devastated or dazed with the current short-haired Styles. The One Direction signer posted a picture on Instagram of his freshly chopped ponytail with the caption ‘Whoops.’

Harry styles


Yesterday was Mother’s Day for some of us around the globe… and that means celebs celebrated too! Have a look at some of our fave celebrity mommas and see what they did for Mother’s Day.

Chrissy Teigan and four week year-old daughter Luna shared their first Mother’s Day together yesterday!

chrissy teigan

Kendall Jenner shared a super cute picture of her and mum Kris Jenner whilst Kris was pregnant with her little sis Kylie!

Kris Jenner

Victoria’s Secret angel, Candice Swanepoel  wished everyone a very Happy Mother’s Day whilst expressing her excitement for becoming a soon-to-be mum!


Jennifer Lopez shared a cute and personal card she received from her daughter for Mother’s Day with the sweetest drawings and message.


Of course Kanye West organized a musical ensemble of violins for his wife Kim Kardashian- West as well as for their daughter and son. The song selections included ‘Let it Go’ from North’s favorite film Frozen and classics from Annie the Musical.


Other news from the weekend that got Bliebers and the rest of the world talking was Justin Bieber’s newest tattoo… that’s on his face. The Sorry signer recently shaved his head as well as getting his new tat of a cross just below his eye. Is JB off the rails again or are people just over-reacting?



That’s the top stories from the weekend, so from all of us at Happy Monday and have a great week!


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