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How I became Megan Fox for one day

Do you know the feeling ” I want to look like this!” with a slight disappointment when you open a fashion magazine?

After seeing hundreds of campaigns and shoots of gorgeous models, you may feel less and less attractive after every pages. You need to keep in mind that you absolutely forgot to consider an essential thing, the hard work of make-up artists, designers, hairdressers, retouchers and the photographer, the whole team can make an average girl look like a high fashion model!


Do you have all these experts with you in the morning? No.
Let me tell you something, you might have a lot of potential and can’t even imagine the possibilities you might have as a model, if you don’t try it or you don’t get the chance to experiment this, how will you know?

Fanni by Ave Photography

So this is the story of how I became Megan Fox for one day. I’m an average girl who got spotted by a fashion photographer, I had the chance to see the modeling industry from the other side and got the main role, the role of a model. For the past months I’ve seen hundreds of modeling pictures, so I couldn’t imagine this time someone else would have the chance to see my own!

The theme of the photo shoot was Megan Fox transformation!
My first modeling experience held some great challenges, let me share with you my experience!

Fanni by Ave Photography

Save the World! This is the only planet with chocolate make-up!

Every woman knows that make-up is a God bless, but it has taken a new importance since I saw the use of it by a professional make-up artist. She opened her “magic box” and placed all the colors, brushes and materials on the table, and the transformation had just started. I was amazed just watching every single brush stroke she made and noticed how different can a face look like with a great knowledge of all. At the end, I was wearing a make-up that I could never do on my own, and I simply loved it because it highlighted my best features. Could you imagine greater push for your confidence than this?

Fanni by Ave Photography

The limp noodle really exists

Once, when I was writing one of my articles, I found a great metaphor from Tyra Banks which I can’t forget. She gave a great advice to models by saying “Don’t be a limp noodle!“. Well, my photo shoot gave a meaning to this metaphor. From that moment I truly admire all models who keep being natural and beautiful with an alluring smile on their face during a great pose. It seems like posing is the most simple thing in the world, but it’s not as simple as it seems! You have to try and do your best, control your body fully, hold your breath and the photographer just asks you for a bit more naturalism…Yeah, that’s the moment when you’ll understand everything.


Act like you are a model. Oh wait, YOU are one!

If you don’t have the kind of personality to show off and act like a model, it’s difficult to push yourself to be someone else for a few hours. All the eyes are staring at you and you can’t stop wondering what they are thinking about. “Am I good enough? Isn’t it too much? Should I put my arms there?” Stop It! 
I was also doing it and caused some pretty stressful moments for myself, then I made myself remember how lucky I was to be there.

Fanni by Ave Photography

This is your chance, your day and only you can make the most out of it.

Put the lights on!

Natural light, spot light, LED panels, studio strobes and all the others. You wouldn’t imagine how many types of lights are needed during a photo shoot. Experts who got this knowledge can play with your forms and shapes however they want. Personally, it was really interesting to get to know the importance of this element and realize why the living room selfie just can’t show what we want. 🙂

Fanni by Ave Photography

This photo shoot was one of my greatest experiences so far and it’s something I’ll never forget. I would like to highlight Ave-Photography‘s professional work and want to thank who gave me this amazing opportunity. Moreover, thanks for the professional work of the make-up artist Estibaliz Otero and designer Roxane Mercerat. My advice for all these “average girls” as me is to give it a try, because this experience is not about being perfect, it’s about getting confidence and knowing to how to work in a professional environment.


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