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As a former model with Elite Models, Devin Lj Clark was scouted by super model Tyra Banks and used to be a full time model since the age of 15. 10 years later, he decided to open his own company I AM MODEL MGMT, a mother agency specializing in discovering and developing models. They represent high end fashion models from around the world, both men and women. They’re based in New York and California. I AM MODEL MGMT provides placement to modeling agencies in the United States and internationally to clients.


ModelManagement: When and how was I am Model Mgmt founded?
Devin Lj Clark: I AM MODEL MGMT is a modeling agency specialized in developing, booking & placement of high end fashion models in USA and internationally that was found by myself, Devin Lj Clark.
I was scouted by supermodel Tyra Banks and after 10 years of being a model at Elite and 15 agencies all around the world, I decided that I wanted to pass on my experiences to the next generation.

MM: What are you looking for in someone to be represented by you?
DLC: I’m looking for something different, something surprising. That can be lots of things. It’s all about patience and timing.

MM: Some of your models have been walking the runway for well-known brands such as Givenchy and featured in Any other success stories you can share with our readers?
DLC: Yes, some of my models have already started to get booked. It’s really exciting.

MM: What can models expect from your agency?
DLC: Models can expect someone who understands what it feels like to be a model. Being an owner/agent is something but since i was a model for 10 years, I also understand what it takes to withstand this industry, how hard it is to get a visa or even to go to castings when you’re homesick.

MM: I am Model Mgmt got a Premium Pro account on, what did you get from this and why did you decide to join the platform?
DLC: Well, I’m still finding out what I’m getting from it because I just joined a few days ago but, so far so good, and the reason I choose you is because you look reliable and you welcomed me with open arms.


MM: How is your agency different from others?
DLC: The difference between I am Model Mgmt and a lot of the other agencies out there is that I understand my models on both sides of the fence as a model and as an agent.

MM: Any advice to models who are too shy to start a career?
DLC: Just go for it and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. You’re going to hear many NOs but eventually you’ll get that YES that will change your whole future.

Thank you I AM MODEL MGMT, it’s been a pleasure! Visit their website and profile and find some more incredible things about this agency!

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