Imperfection is Perfection in Modeling!


What is the link between Diandra Forrest, Shame Ross or Aimee? Handicap? Hell no, it’s COURAGE. Today I want to share a particular post, as an ode to life, one of these models that remind us how unique our strengths are. Meet Chantelle Brown Young. Since the age of 4, (her name was Winnie Harlow at that time) she suffers from vitiligo, a disease that causes severe skin depigmentation.


Chantelle Brown Young on Cosmopolitan

This young Canadian of 19 years old has long aspired to a top career. She was insulted and humiliated when she was younger because of her disease, however she never gave up her dream.


Chantelle Brown Young

She decided to work hard and prove people that her skin imperfection is what makes her unique, beautiful and inspiring. Her face and her body are absolutely stunning, but her skin depigmentation is was what pushed her to the top. And we can only applaud and celebrate her beauty.


Chantelle Brown Young

She won her fight and realised her dream of being a model!!! It’s what we called “Revenge on life”!

She also posed for the Desigual S/S 2014 campaign…


Chantelle Brown Young by Kyle Hoto Reid

… she is Just Georgeous!


Chantelle Brown Young by Kyle Hoto Reid

And as if this was not enough for her, she has been selected to participate in the program hosted by Tyra banks America’s next top model!


America’s Next top model

Modelmanagement team support  you beautiful Chantelle!

She gives us a great lesson of life and proves that beauty has no FACE or COLORS!

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