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Inside look into Rammstein Music Video Shoot with Models who Got The Job from our Casting!

Recently, models from our community Ulrike, Melanija, Mariana had the privilige to be in the new music video of the one and only Rammstein, the globally known German hard rock band. How did they find this cool opportunity, you might wonder? It was through a casting on! We asked Ulrike to tell us more about the video shoot, the process of getting the job and her personal experience.

I spoke with one of the models, Ulrike to hear about her experience. So what were the first steps for landing this job? 

“After applying to the casting I soon got the info that I had made it to the shortlist. I was really happy, but also tried not to be too euphoric. Model Management gave my personal contact details to the production and I had to create a little video for an e-casting. The director had a role for me in his head and wanted to see if I was able to bring it to life. After that, everything happened so quickly. I got the confirmation, that I would be part of the music video!”

What was your role in the video’s storyline?

“At first they gave me a 70s look, in which I was playing a groupie of the band, running arms open to the band only to find out that it is just a projection of them. After that, in the afternoon, I got another amazing styling in the 20s mood. For the next scene I had to partner up with a girl, who played my housemaid, and a man who played an officer who courted me. The end of the scene is that we celebrate together in revelry because of the music in the radio.”

So you played not only one, but two characters! Impressive! And how did you feel during the shoot?

“I have to say I am really happy about this job. The atmosphere was really good on set. You always found something to eat or drink. The make up artists did a great job and I loved the styling. The organisation was good and everyone in the team was very friendly and professional. Also, the band members were very pleasant. The director had concrete ideas and gave clear instructions. Altogether, I was 14 hours on set and after that I was really tired, but also very proud and happy!
So Model Management, thanks for that!!

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