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Interview with MAXIM model Audrey Bouetté: “For nothing in the world, would I change my job”

Once registered on and scouted by Heidi Klum Scout Thomas Zeumer, the French model Audrey Bouetté became a talent to be seen on the covers of magazines such as MAXIM and FACTICE. We asked Audrey to tell us more about her modeling career and life as a model and influencer.

Model Audrey Bouetté on

You were discovered by Heidi Klum scout Thomas Zeumer. Can you tell us more about this?

He did a global network competition and I applied with my ModelManagement profile. After a vote I was in the final round and I went to New York for fashion week. It was my first time going to the United States and it was a real unique opportunity. We have been filmed 24 hours and we modeled for Richie Rich, that was great.

That´s very exciting! You also had your first cover shooting because of a casting you found on, right?

Yes, I registered on, created my profile and easily applied for the first casting. It was about a cover shooting for FACTICE, a French magazine. It was my first contract as a model and the pictures were beautiful and therefore I got a good portfolio as well. After being on those covers brands and photographers started contacting me.

Sounds like that signing up on was a kickstarter for your career?

This helped me a lot because I think the site is very functional and it is a worldwide community and therefore I also had jobs abroad. On there is all the information provided to appear professional and it increases the credibility of the models. It is simply an intelligent platform and the whole world can accede to our profiles as models.

You are also working as an influencer. How does a day in your model and influencer life look like?

I have often organized my schedule one or two weeks in advance, with product placements on instagram, photo shoots and castings. I don´t spend a lot of time with castings because luckily I get chosen directly, but for this I had to work hard and make a name first.

Model Audrey Bouetté on

Do these careers support each other?

Being present on social networks is very important for me because I increase my contracts with posts on instagram for brands.

What´s your advise for aspiring models?

Honestly it is a very hard job to be a model because you have to deal with a lot of criticism. But above all that trust in yourself and your personality and if you succeed it is kind of a dream. For nothing in the world, would I change my job.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Next month I’ll be on a TV show about fashion in France and I’ll also be on the cover of a French magazine. A lot of projects ahead and I am looking forward to it.

If you also want to start your career like Audrey did, sign up on and get your first modeling job! For more inspiration follow Audrey on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!



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