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Interview with Murielle Joy Salzmann: “As a model who’s a dancer you know how to put your body in a scene.”

The swiss model Murielle Joy Salzmann is a multi-talented character who uses her dancing and acting skills to get the model job done. A conversation about how to use special talents in modeling, our community and why Black Swan isn´t her favourite movie.

Murielle Joy Salzmann
Model Murielle Joy Salzmann on

You work as a model, actor and ballet dancer. Do your acting and dancing skills influence your profession as a model?

Yes, in my opinion they influence my career as a model a lot because as a dancer and actor you know how to perform in front of an audience. You also know how to put your body in scene and how to move and pose. I think that’s similar in modeling. I personally prefer dance shootings where I can move and play with different items in front of the camera.

Do you think that talents such as dancing and acting can not just influence the career but also lead to a career as a professional model?

For sure! Why shouldn’t a dancer who is agile and athletic, who knows how to move, twist, jump and pose know how to walk on a catwalk and present a dress. A lot of professional models like Candice Swanepoel for example have been dancers before they started a career as a model.

You are from Switzerland, what do you think about the modeling scene in your hometown?

In my opinion swiss people are very cautious and suspicious and not very spontaneous. This makes it difficult for photographers and agencies to find models and to get discovered as a model. Moreover, fashion in Switzerland is not that influential as in many other countries.

Was this your intention to sign up on

More or less. I got some requests for shootings on Instagram and Facebook. Therefore I was looking for a serious platform to find contacts and jobs in Switzerland and abroad.

As you signed up as a premium user, what do you like most about our premium service?

That I receive messages as soon as new castings are posted in my area or castings that may be interesting for me.

As you characterize yourself as a new face model, in your opinion what is the most important thing to consider as an aspiring model?

Do not sell your talent for an inappropriate price. Present yourself in a way you really are, with your own unique look and your own talents. Be your own influencer!

Murielle Joy Salzmann
Model Murielle Joy Salzmann on

Do you have an advise for aspiring models how to use their talents for modeling?

That´s difficult because I would say modeling in itself is a talent. I can only advise models to show their talents, no matter what it is. That makes you more interesting and unique.

Fun fact in the end: Let me guess, your favourite movie is Black Swan?

No it´s not Black Swan! This movie is too dark and creepy for me. But my last shooting was in style of Black Swan so stay tuned for my next posts. My favourite Movie is Burlesque because I am a very positive and cheerful person and I love to discover the world.

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