Interviewing Ashley Liz Cooper: Tattoo game changer for pro models


In the past models with tattoos have had problems to find work and it was seen as socially on the edge for professional models. Ashley Liz Cooper was no exception. How things have changed! Modeling today is all about attitude and lifestyle and tattoos can be an important part of a models look.

Our awesome subject of today’s interview is Instagram sensation and model influencer Ashley Liz Cooper. Ashley moved to Los Angeles when she was only eighteen years old with a passion for fashion and a clear vision for her social media presence, her dedication paid off and she now has 600k followers and is in the top 1% of Instagram influencers and was the cover model of Maxim Magazine!

Since she is part of the Fresh Faces Tattoo contest, we couldn’t wait to talk to Ashley and hear her thoughts about modeling, influencers and tattoos. The 20 year old model from Michigan is the best example that professional models can show off the beauty of their tattoos and still be successful!

You are a contestant in our *Fresh Faces Tattoo contest. What’s it like having tattoos in the professional modeling industry?
Ashley Liz Cooper: Having tattoos in the modeling industry has definitely made things a little bit more challenging. However, some people really like my tattoos because they show a unique side of a model, that not all models have.

How many tattoos do you have?
I have eighteen tattoos!

What do your tattoos mean to you? Do all of your tattoos have a meaning?
My tattoos are extremely personal to me and all eighteen of them have meaning. They each remind me of something important that made me who I am or of a certain chapter in my life.

Do you regret having some tattoos?
I regret getting just one of my tattoos… the yin yang sign on my hip. I love the meaning! It was just poorly done… I plan on getting it removed.

What was it like to get your first tattoo and where did you get it?
Getting my first tattoo was super fun! However, I was super young! I got it on my wrist in Venice Beach, CA.

Tell us the story behind your first tattoo?
I was fourteen and walked into a tattoo shop on the Venice boardwalk and asked if I could get a tattoo… they said yes.

What do your friends or colleagues think of your tattoos?
Some of my friends love them, some of my friends hate them and I know my manager and MA wish I didn’t have them.

What can you say about this quote: “Tattoos are just like potato chips.. You can’t have just one!”
It’s 100% true! Once you get one tattoo, I swear, you leave the tattoo shop thinking about what you will get next.

How do your tattoos influence your modeling career? Did you ever get rejected because of your tattoos?
I have gotten rejected multiple times due to my tattoos, but I would say my modeling career is going fine, so they didn’t end my career… at least not yet.

Are you planning to get more tattoos in the future?
I’m definitely going to take a break for a long time but I’m sure I will get more in the future!

Thanks Ashley for answering the questions! Make sure to check out all our contestants on of the Fresh Faces Tattoo contest!

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