Is This The Future Of Casting Models?



So you’re planning a new photo shoot, campaign, upcoming show or even TFP test shoot.
You have everything ready, a great concept, nice location, team for styling, but no models! This begs the question where do you find your models? Another post on Facebook, model agencies (high fees and maybe your shoot is not a big earner), asking the same friends that you’ve asked umpteen times to pose for you? All in all these are not very satisfying solutions. Could online castings be the alternative? thinks so.

On, you can post your castings, (big or small) for free and you’ll have over 500,000 models from around the world to choose from! Not bad eh? As long as you are a photographerdesignerstylist or any other industry professional who requires models, then these new and pro models are waiting to apply to your casting!


Thousands of new and pro models in the online directory

You can post an online casting in just a few minutes and you’ll get models applying within the first few hours of posting! And the best part is that you can manage the applicants and contact them directly from the website. There are no costs or hidden charges, it’s just a very effective tool for our community to get connected and get those models working!

Want to know more about it? For all of you that have read enough and just want to post a casting because you are too excited to read any further click here.

For the rest of you continue reading for some juicy killer features!

First you can add a brief description of casting, the kind of shooting, date, paid or unpaid. You’ll then have the opportunity to set preferences for what model type you require for example height, gender, country, city etc – this will narrow your search to get the best applicants. A tip from our casting department: you can add a nice image to the description, as it will definitely catch the models attention!

Next valuable Tool: Invite all models on our database fitting your requirements to apply to your casting. This sends an email to each and every model and certainly gets their attention, giving your casting massive exposure and guaranteed applicants fast! The website will filter the models for your preferences. You’ll be alerted daily by email when you have applicants, so you don’t have to check the whole time.


When the models start applying you can manage your applicants by drag and drop into personalized folders (first option, second option, confirmed etc) and contact them through our site to organize a date to see them or request further details.


If you are searching models for a client, you can create a shared public link from any of your folders with your selection and send the link to the client so they can view the applicants.

Ok, enough from me, this is something that you should try for yourself and you will be amazed, how many great models apply in a short time and how easy it is. Furthermore every casting you publish means a huge network will get to know you, your company and your work, which is also great promotion for you!

We feel this quick, easy and free tool is the future of model searching, but what do you think? Tell us in the comments below.

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