Isaac M Alcázar: Individual creativity is always less than the sum of inspirations


Isaac M Alcázar is a talented Barcelona based photographer focusing mainly on portrait, fashion, travel and reportage photography. For his latest project, Isaac collaborated with on a photo shoot for the Student Casting Initiative, after seeing the final result we know other fashion designers, models and professionals are willing to work with him!

How did you start with photography? How would you describe your style?
Since I was young I’ve been interested in photography as a means of artistic expression. With my style I want to convey emotions and provoke them. But it’s not fixed, as the personality, is something that changes and evolves with me, things aren’t seen always the same, with the age and vital baggage your way of seeing the world changes.

Tina & Clara by Isaac M Alcázar

Tina & Clara by Isaac M Alcázar, make-up by Katmuabcn (Katia Villa)

Favorite photo you’ve taken? Why?
My favorite picture is more about a sentimental feeling than the aesthetic part of it, it’s a picture of my wife and my older son playing, I took that picture without them noticing. What I feel when seeing that picture is what makes it my favorite.

Do you prefer studio or outdoors shoots? What’s the difference between one and the other?
It’s indifferent; I think it all depends on the final result you are looking for. The main difference is the ability that the studio gives you to manipulate light and the comfort it offers. Also, in a studio shoot you don’t have to worry about the weather. Outdoors shoots, instead, offer you an infinite number of environments recognized by the viewer what makes it easier to make them reach your goal.

Far Bestit by Isaac M Alcázar

Far Bestit by Isaac M Alcázar, make-up by Katmuabcn (Katia Villa)

What advice do you give to models when they feel nervous before a photo shoot?
I would confess that I also feel a bit nervous! It’s normal to feel a little nervous, I would say it’s even good, it means you care about what you do and you want to do it well. But this feeling goes away quite fast, especially if there is a good communication with the rest of the team and you work in a good atmosphere.


Jennifer by Isaac, make-up by Katmuabcn (Katia Villa)

How do you start a session? Where do you get your inspiration from?
First I ask the client, usually the designer what they want to express, transmit, once this is clear it’s the time to create a scene, think about the light… inspiration can come from anywhere, music, landscape, a book… and choose the models, this is very important, beyond their physical appearance models have to be actor, able to transmit.

Give aspiring photographers a tip!
What makes the difference is the passion with which you work. As in other aspects in life, learning and improving every day. Empathy is the key if you work with people, leave egos a side; no one is above anyone.

You’ve been featured in Close-Up Magazine – Spain Modeling Industry. What are you expecting to get from this online magazine?
Thanks to Close-Up Magazine more people know me and like my work, so I’m very happy. I’m always open to new projects.



Tell us about the experience of collaborating with an online platform as through the Student Casting Initiative. How was the photo shoot?
It’s been a pleasure to work with, beyond the professionalism with which you manage everything, especially for the treatment I’ve received from you and the interest shown for the entire team. Although it seems obvious not everyone takes into account these aspects.

Photo by Isaac for Student Casting Initiative

Photo by Isaac for Student Casting Initiative

Any future plans you would like to share with our readers?
The truth is that I’ve started a new project related to portrait photography and fashion, but it’s too soon to unveil it. I invite you to keep an eye on my social media to be updated with my work.

Yulia Prasolova by Isaac M Alcázar

Yulia Prasolova by Isaac M Alcázar, make-up by Katmuabcn (Katia Villa)

See the rest of Isaac’s work on his profile or website. You can also follow him on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!


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