Jay Marroquin had the courage to dream big… and look where he is now!


ModelManagement.com had the chance to interview successful fashion photographer Jay Marroquin.

He believes that a photograph should be creative, evoke emotion and stir the soul. A result of thought, passion and respect for the craft. A celebration of time honored photography methods.  Simply a great photograph that has been captured, not created digitally.Jay Marroquin


by Jay Marroquin

ModelManagement.com: How did you become a photographer?
Jay Marroquin: I think from an early age I’ve always enjoyed photographing things. Whether travels, people or places. But I would say a good friend of mine sparked the transition from hobby to a profession. A friend named Craig Mooty let me borrow some of his professional gear about 10 years back, after that I was really hooked. At the time, I was really enjoying photographing live music events. My brother’s band “The Flamin’ Hellcats” were pretty well known at the time and played some cool gigs. I usually had access where few had, backstage, on-stage, etc.

From there I really tried to hone the craft and get a better understanding of what I enjoyed photographing and what kind of photographer I wanted to be, and still evolve to become. Along the way I’ve developed a great relationship with one of the world’s top hair stylist Dennis Clendennen. Not only did he teach me a lot about fashion and the industry, but also opened many doors for me at New York Fashion Week.


by Jay Marroquin

MM: You have worked for some of the world’s top designers, Fashion Weeks and published work in well-known magazines such as Vogue Italia. What is the secret to your success?
JM: What drives me is passion. A true passion and love for whatever I’m doing. To constantly grow and hone my craft and hopefully be a inspiration for others, as so many have been for me. I constantly look around me and am inspired by so many talented people. That, and a competitive spirit I’ve had since my early youth to be the best at what I’m doing. For me, a hunger for success keeps me focused and determined.

In the end however, I think the biggest motivator for me is fear. A fear of not trying, a fear of regret that I didn’t go for it. A fear of failure not do to trying, but due to a lack of courage to try.


by Jay Marroquin

MM: Can you tell us about the award you won?
JM: I think being featured as an artist at Houston Press Artopia 3 years in a row was one of my more gratifying accomplishments. But what really is special for me is an award I received before I was doing photography full-time and working in corporate America. There was a contest at the hospital I worked at which happens to be one of the largest in the world. The theme was Personal Pathways. It was was meant to encourage and help patients. Well some of my work I shot in China and the US won and is still featured to this date.


by Jay Marroquin

MM: Do you prefer to tell stories in your pictures for people to understand, or for them to come up with their own story based on your work?
JM: First and foremost, I think it’s important for the photo to speak to me. From there I leave it up to my audience to interpret. That being said, I don’t like photos that are too literal.


by Jay Marroquin

Want to be discovered

MM: You are an international fashion photographer specialized in editorials, fashion, campaigns and runways. Which of the sessions you’ve done till now you are more proud of?
JM: I’d have to say I love being the house photographer for Christian Siriano. He’s one of the most talented designers and impresses season after season. He’s really gifted and a special kind of designer. Shooting the Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2012 show and collection in Paris was also something really special. But of all the things I’ve done, I am really proud anytime I collaborate with my good friend and hairstylist Dennis Clendennen. Why? Because I know he’s going to create something magical, each and every time.

jay marroquin 2

by Jay Marroquin

jay marroquin 4

by Jay Marroquin

MM: How important is it for a Photographer to have a presence on the internet?
JM: In today’s connected world, extremely important. That being said, follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @JayMarroquin

MM: Do you think every photographer should have a profile on a platform like ModelManagement.com? What advantages did you experience in having a Premium Pro Membership on ModelManagement.com?
FM: Yes, if you’re serious about your business. It allows you to connect to other professionals in the industry in ways other platforms can’t. I also feel the quality of talent on ModelManagement.com is at a very high level and the reason the Premium Pro Membership benefits my company and me.

Jay Marroquin 1

by Jay Marroquin

MM: How do you scout models for your Photo Shoots?
FM: I scout for models with a variety of methods actually. From casting calls on ModelManagement.com to directly going up to someone at my local coffee shop if I like their look and think there’s some potential there.


by Jay Marroquin

MM: When a model attends a casting or a photo shoot what should he/she do and what should he/she avoid?
FM: I think it’s a bit different for casting calls as opposed to photoshoots but a good general rule is to be confident and relaxed. Leave the attitude at home and be ready to rock.


by Jay Marroquin

MM: Do you have any tips for aspiring photographers who would like to start their careers?
FM: Shoot a lot. And when I say a lot, I’m not talking about clicks. I’m referring to on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Also, actually think about what you’re shooting, the composition and try to improve your photography skills, not your post processing skills. I think photographers lose sight of what a good photograph actually is. Pick up an old 35mm film camera, it can help tremendously.


by Jay Marroquin

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