Last week of the Fashion Photography Contest: Girls prove they’ve got what it takes!


The last week of the Fashion Photographer of the Year 2012 contest by and has come to an end, and the girls prove they’ve got what it takes! Michelle Fennel is the winner of week 7, and earned the last spot into the Finals!

Michelle is a german fashion and editorial photographer with a passion for art. She loved drawing already at a young age proving her early interest and fascination for shapes, colors, composition and aesthetics.

It was when she was given her first compact analog camera as a present that Michelle started to explore the world of photography and more importantly, learned about the key elements that are needed in order to take the perfect photograph. Her passion for art and her story telling skills (learned while studying publishing) somehow combined  resulting in her unique personal photographic style.

In the summer of 2011, Fennel immersed herself into the dreamy world of fashion photography and with her expertise and passion in photography and editing she’s found the way to create magic in her photographs. Her editorial shots are just fantastic!

As Michelle was the last contestant to go into the finals, we cannot wait to see who will put their hands on the grand prize! Will it be Joanna, Polly, Ofer, Sasha, Daniel, Nicole or Michelle? All we know is that judges will have a tough time nominating the winner as all of the photographers have such a great deal of talent!

Do you want to see one of those 7 photographers win the competition? Then give it a go and vote for your favorite!