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Latest news about the EXCLUSIVE Fresh Faces Facebook Group!

Find out the latest information about the biggest and most exciting modeling contest in the world!’s Fresh Faces 2013 has been launched! Be updated with the latest information about the contest; post your news, portfolios and comments. HOW? By joining the Fresh Faces facebook group!

Meet’s Facebook expert Maya Kuryakovich, owner of a Photo Production & location scouting agency in Croatia, but most importantly she’s a designer and a programmer specializing in Community Management. Here, she gives us all the details about the exclusive Fresh Faces facebook group; find out how YOU can be part of this incredible contest!

Maya is one of the people responsible for the growth of’s faceook page. Thanks to her effective strategy and amazing expertise, the Facebook Page has reached over 100k Fans!


Model Management: You have been programming and designing for the past 7 years, and lately more involved into Community Management, why did you decide to focus on Social media?

Maya Kuryakovich: Well, it is obvious that in today’s tech fast evolving world there’s an immersive desire to share and to stay connected. For that reason – being part of the global movements alongside some amazing global brands is definitely an inspiring job. I love the research, the puzzles & the effect my work has on the global growth of the brands I work with.

Maya Kuryakovich

MM: Lately you have been involved in’s Social Media as a Facebook expert, what do you think about a platform that gives online service to models, photographers and modeling agencies worldwide that is so involved into social media?

MK: I think this has been a long time coming service. As I have been modeling 10 years ago – even than I have noticed the beginning of the social movement towards online media. That were the years when the Facebook platform just started and even then all models would connect with each other and with their bookers via Facebook. So, a platform such as that groups this industry very firmly and gives models, agencies and photographers various options to promote their work and stay connected is a logical and strong idea.

MM: As’s Facebook expert you decided to create a Fresh Faces facebook group. What is its purpose?

MK: Social media is a way to get fans and followers to interact with brands and/or services. Is the Fresh Faces group a way to involve models in the contest by giving them the opportunity to share their pictures and express their opinion? Obviously a ‘group’ is very much different from a ‘page’. The reason we have decided to start Fresh Faces group is because it will serve as a tool for aspiring models to state their opinion, promote their work and most importantly ask questions and open discussions. The Fresh Faces contest is in its basis a fast-growing global model contest, so social media plays a strong part in its growth. A Facebook group is just one of the tools, but from the model perspective it might be one of the most important tools. In a group all members stay closely connected and can freely post their news, portfolios and comments. This is quite important especially in the phase when the contest is being held, because all contestants can closely connect with each other and with their FANS. It is really important for the group members to invite their fans to the group and the more active they are, their online popularity will grow – giving them more chances to win.

MM: What information can we find in the Fresh Faces facebook group?

MK: The way FB groups work is that all the members are taking part in the overall creation of the information that can be found there. Obviously a big plus is a direct contact with the group administrators (ModelManagement team) that will constantly respond to questions and tailor-make the available content within the group. Modeling contests are specific in their nature, because they attract a lot of young, sometimes unexperienced models and with the Fresh Faces group we are providing them a security zone where they can find all the information necessary to know regarding the contest, but also they can read about other members’ experiences.

MM: What kind of photo shoots & content should models share in the Fresh Faces facebook group?

MK: Most important factor of the group are the contestants and they should focus on promoting their contest application and invite others to vote for them. Other than that for each model it is priceless to receive any kind of feedback and/or to read about others experiences, so I would say models could easily upload and share any news or new materials that they have. This way they are informing others about the projects they were involved in, with whom they did it and what was their experience. Sometimes it might be literally a few images, but sometimes it might be a textual info, sort of like a feedback regarding a certain topic. Another good thing that I see regarding this group is an opportunity for models that have their personal blogs, to invite other models and agencies to check their blogs, by regularly linking to new content they are uploading there. So, all in all for each individual model this group is a priceless resource of information and an opportunity to build up their popularity among other models, photographers and bookers.

MM: You were a model in your early 20s; could you give some advice to aspiring models that are willing to get in the modeling world?

MK: It is such a cliché to say ‘stay who you are’, but this really goes for everything one does in life. The worst thing a model can do is to forcefully try to be someone she/he’s not just because others are saying: ‘If only you ware more like this or that…’ – everyone will always find something to point at. But as long as you see yourself as perfect as you are, you’ll make it. Do not wait for others to notice you, to push you, to make a star out of you. Do it all yourself and others will have nothing else to do but to sit and watch.


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