Magteam Model Management: Scouting top models with Fresh Faces Poland 2015


Dear aspiring models, hold on your seats.. We are back with a new edition of Fresh Faces Poland 2015!! Great news this year is that we have partnered up with top modeling agency MAGTEAM MODEL MANAGEMENT to give you all the chance to be discovered and start your professional modeling career followed the best industry professionals! The contest finalists will have the chance to compete at the contest Grand Finals in Warsaw where they will walk the Fresh Faces Poland 2015 runway, win a photo shoot for a fashion magazine, an exclusive contract with MAGTEAM MODEL MANAGEMENT and international exposure. The winners of the Grand Final in Poland will travel to the Fresh Faces 2015 World Finals in Barcelona, Spain.


We had a chat with Maggie Haese, Director of MAGTEAM MODEL MANAGEMENT, to find out more about what types of models she is looking for to win Fresh Faces 2015. Read the interview to know more about what’s behind this successful model agency and Maggie’s valuable management!


ModelManagement: You have a great career behind you and a keen eye when it comes to scouting the next stars. Can you tell us a bit about your agency and how it started?

Maggie Haese: It wasn’t easy at the beginning because this industry is very hermetic especially in New York City. It started a long time ago with the idea of helping polish girls to go to a Fashion City like New York and try their chances, show their beauty and give them an  opportunity of a lifetime to prove what they can do when it comes to fashion. One of the first models promoted by me was Julia Pietrucha – she’s a celebrity now in Poland. Julia was  booked for American Vogue and never came for the job, that was my first disappointment.  At that time by being in this industry and trying placing models from Poland I met  Pauline Bernatchez, who had a very prestigious modeling agency representing top models on West Broadway called Paulines. Pauline became my second God mother and introduced me to people in the business. She was good friends with Patrick Demarchelier and still today I treasure a few old fashion polaroids shot by Patrick for my models – especially Julia Pietrucha.  Doing this for a few years I got lessons from the best people in industry. John Casablanka himself gave me the first training  on how to scout models. Then scouting Director of Elite Models NYC, Karen Lee Grzybowski, a dear friend of mind till today, gave me great business guidance as well. Sandi Bass, icon and legendary model of the 80’s, discovered by Hubert de Givenchy, muse to Valentino taught me a lot and was helping for years with my development. I was approached to buy a prestigious agency in NYC – instead I decided to open my own –that’s how MAGTEAM MODEL MANAGEMENT was born,  first with a home office and then with an office on 5h Avenue NYC.

Julia P by Patrick

Julia Pietrucha polaroids by Patrick Demarchelier

MM: You operate in Poland as well as the USA, how is it that you chose those two markets and how do you think the modeling industry differs in each?

MH: I work with the whole world. I did not choose two markets only. MAGTEAM main office is in US – that’s where I live and where my home is. It just happened I am an American of polish descent. I left Poland 25 years ago from the local show business – but I continue to contract and promote polish models in the whole world. For example my raising star Alexa Luczak – she is currently in Japan and the first polish model taking part in a TV show recored in Japanese and having her own pages in a popular Japanese Magazine. She is  a Japanese  resident now and speaks the language very well. I operate in the whole world sending models for contracts. Poland is just a scouting country to find great faces and give them the opportunity to enter the modeling industry. There hasn’t been so much business there till now but I noticed it’s getting better every year. Furthermore, as my main goal is to promote polish girls I decided to open a branch office in Warsaw and I believe that FRESH FACES MODEL CONTEST is a perfect tool to help find beauties in my territory and home country.


Maggie Haese and Alexa Luczak

MM: How important are new faces for your agency?    

MH: Fresh faces are very important for me and I am hoping that FRESH FACES POLAND 2015 will bring lots new, young, fresh faces who want to become successful in the modeling industry. I have all tools, trainings, contacts and passion to provide all this for them.


MM: We are sure many young girls would love to know: can you tell us a success story of your agency which new faces can look up to?  

MH: There are many success stories in my agency some are more known some less. Following Alexa Luczak which we mentioned before, our model Amanda Streich is the first polish model that was lunched in a worldwide 2014 fall/winter GUESS MARCIANO Campaign and did many ads for Chanel, Vera Wang, Prada and other famous designers. Another model of ours, Sonia Niekrasz, first polish model who was the face of  Roger Walter’s (PINK FLOYD solist) The Wall tour concerts. Furthermore, our Sveta Gliebova is one of the winners of Project Runway US. Many Magteam Models walked shows for top fashion designers and worked for top fashion magazines, the list can go on and on…


Amanda Streich featured in Guess Marchiano FW/2014 Campaign

MM: This year you have partnered up with for Fresh Faces Poland 2015 in the search of the future top models, what type of models are you looking for and what is essential for the model applicants to show you for them to be picked for the contest finals? 

MH: First they have to have the requirements written in our contest rules – which are in fact required to work successfully in the industry. But most importantly they have to be good to work with, they should have a pleasant easy going attitude and a lots of determination.

Maggie Haese and some of the MagTeam Models!

Maggie Haese with Magteam Models at MAGTEAM Christmas Party

MM: What will be the first steps for a model to take after winning Fresh Faces Poland 2015 by MAGTEAM MODEL MANAGEMENT? And how will you as an agency guide the model through this journey? 

MH: I am well known as a manager mainly so all my models that attend that contest will be exposed internationally to the best people in the industry and if they are willing to work hard and pursue their dreams they will start working. Hopefully with hard work and persistence they will become future superstars, you never know…

poland new blog image

Maggie Haese and some of the MAGTEAM MODEL MANAGEMENT Models!

MM: What advice do you give to the thousands of models out there wanting to be the next Fresh Face scouted by MAGTEAM MODEL MANAGEMENT?

MH: Follow your dreams, never give up if you have what it takes and if you believe in it ! And with a good management you will go far! that’s my advice !



A big thanks to Maggie Haese and the MAGTEAM MODEL MANAGEMENT Team for this interview! If you want to know more about this cool agency, check their Facebook and Instagram Page!

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