Model: Cristina Belda - Photo by Lee Harris

Have you ever dreamt of being on a Catwalk? Always wanted your moment in the modelling spotlight? Well why wait for someone to tell you it’s your moment? Your moment is NOW and you can MAKE THE WORLD YOUR CATWALK! is bringing modeling to the streets! A few days ago, what looked like a normal afternoon in fashion capital Barcelona, it turned out to be a day to remember!

Three aspiring models were seen doing their catwalk in different public locations without caring if it was a catwalk or not….it was THEIR CATWALK!  These aspiring models were not going to wait anymore and took their destiny into their own hands. It was amazing to see the incredible reactions of the tourists! Even volunteers from the public showed how they did their catwalk, proving that anyone can Make the world their catwalk!

Model: Delilah Cocklepop - Photo by Lee Harris

Model: Cristina Belda - Instagram Photo @Modelmanagement

We want to see all aspiring models doing their catwalk in public locations like crowded streets, metro stations parks… any public place where you will definitely receive attention! Be creative! Then send us your video or link to [email protected] and subscribe to our Modelmanagement Youtube Channel where the best videos will be shown. You could win your chance to appear on a real catwalk at Fresh Faces 2012 or massive exposure on our YouTube channel as part of the next video!!

Model: Nancy Thompson - Photo by Lee Harris

This project is a great opportunity for all aspiring models as with the power of social media, your walk will be seen by the whole world! And who knows, you might be lucky enough to be spotted by top scouters and start your modelling career just like it happened on Youtube to social media supermodel Kate Upton! So if you’re excited an passionate about modeling, this is your time to shine. Make the world your catwalk and show us what you’re made of!

Model: Delilah Cocklepop - Instagram Photo @Modelmanagement

Send your catwalk video to [email protected]!


The fantastic aspiring models in the “Make The World Your Catwalk” video are:

Cristina Belda

Delilah Cocklepop

Nancy Thompson
Anna von Estorff

Lee Harris

Production Office:


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