Even though being a model with tattoos a few years ago would have been something weird, nowadays professionals of the industry look for real people who represent brands and, of course, models with tattoos are included. Male models with tattoos are a very specific modeling style and currently are very trendy.

Male models with tattoos

If you want to be considered a male model with tattoos you must have a high number of visible tattoos because if you don’t, you won’t be considered in this category: small tattoos can be covered with makeup. Agencies and other professionals of the industry will always have to report how many tattoos you have and each time you get inked you will have to update your photos. They are your cover letter, so they must be updated as well just like if you changed your hairstyle for example. 

All you have to do to be part of this modeling category is to be a man and have tattoos. Easy, huh? Male models with tattoos are very trendy now and there are a lot of brands looking for them. There’s no specific age, size or skin color to be inside this category; the modeling industry has become much more inclusive. In fact, some of the most famous male models with tattoos are seniors, like T.R. Pescod, Anthony Varrecchia, Philipe Dumas or Eric Rutherford.

Male models with tattoos on Instagram

We all know by now the importance of social media as a tool to be part of the modeling industry, so it is not strange that we can see a lot of male models with tattoos on Instagram. So if you want to become a male model with tattoos and still don’t have your professional account, what are you waiting for? You can be the next big star, all you have to do is promote your profile on social media. 

Will modeling agencies accept me if I have tattoos?

Nowadays, modeling agencies are way more flexible and understand that brands are looking for real people, so they must include tattooed models. There are even modeling agencies focused on models with tattoos! Show any agency your tattoos and they will fall in love.

Also, you have an option to work as a freelance model with tattoos. All you have to do is create your model profile on ModelManagement.com and start applying to castings. Good luck!

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