Manos is the male model winner of Fresh Faces 2014!


Manos Sarris is a 23 year-old young fresh model scouted by VN Models for winning Fresh Faces Greece 2014. After winning the local contest in Greece where he received a contract with VN Models,  Manos was invited by to represent his country and his agency at the Fresh Faces 2014 World Finals held in Barcelona last October.


Manos Sarris – VN Models Greece

After a series of photo-shoots and a super-impressive runway show it was clear that Manos struck all the jury members, including Antonia Dell’Atte – muse of Giorgio Armani as well as Nerea Ibáñez & Anna Valles from GQ and Glamour Magazine. After the contest we interviewed Manos! Find out more about him and how he managed to get the biggest break of his career being represented by one of the best modeling agencies in the world!

ModelManagement: When and why did you decide to take part in Fresh Faces 2014?

Manos Sarris: The day I heard about the competition was during a photoshoot. The agency informed me that I was chosen to take part in Fresh Faces 2014 because of the many votes I collected in the local contest on


Manos (FF Greece) Alexandra (FF Romania) shot by Jordi Blancafort


MM: What was the first thing that came to your mind and how did you feel when the jury told you that you won Modelmanagement’s Fresh Faces 2014 modeling contest? 

MS: When it was announced that I was the Fresh Face of 2014, the first thing that came to my mind was the thought that I have made proud all the people I love as well as those who support me.


Manos with CEO of Modelmanagement Andreas Von Estorff and Celebrity Natalia Alvarez

MM: What are the best memories of your two days in Barcelona?

MS:The best memories from my time in Spain include the spare time I had to enjoy the beautiful city of Barcelona. The highlight of my stay there was of course the moment it was announced that I won the competition.


Lined up for the show. Photo by Ben Evans


Fresh Faces 2014 Finalists

MM: How does your typical “model – day” look like? 

MS: My day generally starts at six o’clock in the morning. I get up drink tea and I go to the park for a run. I then attend a class of martial arts and when I return home I reward myself with a big bowl of salad and take a nap for an hour. When I wake up I work out in my room which I have literally turned into my private gym. I eat dinner at five o’clock and after that I am free to go out with my friends. We usually go to the movies or hang out indoors or surfing the internet. I also have a farm to which I try to dedicate at least 2 days of my week in order to care for my plants. I would also like to share with you that I believe in God and that’s why I go to church every Sunday.


Manos at a photo shoot at Generator Hostel Barcelona

MM: What are your plans for the future?    

MS: My plans for the future include traveling all around the world and working with acclaimed people of the fashion industry.

MM: You not only won the Fresh Faces 2014 prize, but also the Montibello Hair Campaign prize! What do you think struck the jury most about you?  

MS: Maybe what stroke the judges attention were my eyes and perhaps my body shape. The person I see as my idol is my mother whom I respect and I love more than anything in this world. She has raised me by working two jobs so that I wouldn’t lack anything in my life.  She also made sure to provide me with anything a mother could ever give to her son.


Montibello Team in charge of Manos hairstyling during the Fresh Faces 2014 Finals

MM: What advice do you have for the aspiring candidates of Fresh Faces 2015?

MS: I would advice them to remain true to themselves to enjoy this unforgettable journey and to gain as many as possible memorable experiences.


Manos wearing designs by Kevin Fernandez at the Fresh Faces 2014 Finals

All the Team once more congratulates Manos for winning the Fresh Faces 2014 World Title and a big thanks to VN Models Greece for their impeccable job in scouting such a wonderful model. We are sure his career will be long-lasting and highly successful!

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