Marc Lamey, an award winning photographer specialized in fashion and portrait photography!


Marc Lamey is a professional photographer focused on portraiture, conceptual portraiture and fashion photography. His work has been featured in photography & fashion magazines and has been recognized by winning & finalist positions in French & international contests. Recently featured in Close-Up Magazine – fashion photographers France for the second time, Marc shares with us a few thoughts about his career and work!

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Photography by Marc Lamey

ModelManagement: When and how did you start your career as a photographer?

Marc Lamey: When I made my right side of the brain work again. In the year 2000, it was the time when I started to take photography seriously again.
It started with wildlife photography as a wildlife fan, moving to model photography before 2010. My usual joke about it is that is easier to find a model than a Lion.

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Photography by Marc Lamey

MM: Today, you are a very successful photographer, who has been published in several well-known magazines like “Competence photo”, “The Untold” or “Réponse photo”. Can you share with our readers what’s the secret behind your success?

ML: Having publications on magazine covers is always cool. This is somehow a recognition of what’s difficult to evaluate, how people like your photography. They all came from being part of photography contests which brought visibility to the relevant Chief Editors.


Photography by Marc Lamey

close up

MM: This picture has been featured in Close-Up Magazine – Fashion Photographers France. We really like it. Can you tell us a bit more about this photograph?

ML: This photograph was taken with a very nice model, Alex, and my favorite hair-dresser creative expert Marie-Claire. We did have a Fashion-hair-dressing contest on-going and this one was made for that specific purpose.We wanted Alex to look in-between a doll or a robot with an unusual makeup and this double hair cut.


Photography by Marc Lamey

MM: You also take animals pictures. Is it something you would like to continue?

ML: This is something I definitively  continue when I can and have the pleasure to travel to specific areas like south-Africa or Australia for wild sighting. This is also the time we can exercise in family a common passion, the photography on a same topic. Photography is for a big part about observation and re-activity the right time and the love of the subject. Wildlife photography is all about that.

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Photography by Marc Lamey

MM: According to you, what’s that ‘something’ that makes you stand over the rest?

ML: Difficult to judge for yourself. People and friend looking at my photography can recognize them with a very impressive %. They say this is “your style”. I don’t try to manage a style, I do exercise my creativity that is very often based on my own vision of beauty and some tint of Darkness.

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Photography by Marcl Lamey

MM: We really love your “Women, waters and colors” photo shoot. Can you tell us what’s the idea behind it?

ML: Women are life. Water is life and death. I wanted to reduce a series of portraiture in a constrained environment and express emotions coming from the colors and the water element, mixed with the beauty of simple model face with a small tint of makeup. Emotion from close-up portraiture and water come immediately on first sight, the color adds a mood. This series has been done in New-Zealand, USA, Europe so quite a earth-tour of bathrooms.

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Photography by Marc Lamey (Women, Water and colors)

MM: What’s your opinion about professional photographers like you being present on-line and being part of a Modeling Community such as Do you think it’s something essential? Why?

ML: Your target audience visibility is key. It’s very difficult to evaluate how you are or not visible. You can have 100 000 fans on facebook and be unknown by your target audience. I do think modelmanagement gave a good visibility for the professional world of fashion-beauty.

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Photography by Marc Lamey

MM: You’ve been featured twice in Close-up Magazine, what advantages do you find on being part of an online magazine such as this one?

ML: Well , I got contacted by many models and we are planning a photo shoot, so we wouldn’t have crossed our roads if I wound’t have been a part of this magazine and thanks to the diversity of the world, so I can consider this the  first a good outcome. I also got a few other interesting professional contacts. So it was an experience to renew.

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Photography by Marc Lamey

Thank you for this great interview Marc Lamey! If you’re interested in his work, check out his website to see his latest shoots!

If you are a photographer based in Canada willing to feature your work in an international online magazine such as CLOSE-UP Magazine, contact us!


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