Marijana Sedlak working internationally as a successful model


Marijana Sedlak is a Serbian model that got the opportunity to move to India due to her modelling career. After mesmerizing Bangalore with her beauty, she now strives for more! This ambitious young lady shares her story with us. Check it out!

Marijana 1

Marijana Sedlak

ModelManagement: At what age and how did you become a model?

Marijana Sedlak: I was 11 years old when I decided I wanted to go into modeling. My mum used to dress in beautiful dresses. I begged my dad to take a photo of me. Then I finished my course and became a child model in Belgrade.

Marijana 3

Marijana Sedlak

MM: How did you get your very first job as a model?

MS: In 2011 I saw a commercial for miss Subotice, Serbia on tv. I was 18 years old and decided to sign up and give it a try. These were my first steps towards becoming a model.


Marijana Sedlak

MM: You are originally from Serbia but moved to Bangalore, India because of your modelling career. Can you explain to us a bit more about this? Is it important to work internationally?

MS: India is a country that attracted me to her. Now I’m there thanks to modelling. It’s very important to work internationally to be successful in modelling.

Marijana 2

Marijana Sedlak

MM: What opportunities did you find in India? Is it a good market for the modelling and fashion industry?

MS: I was part of Myntra Fashion Incubator, doing the special shoot for new designers and runway fashion show. I also work for Myntra Catalog. Yes it is for commercial modelling. Now I live in Bangalore, but I hope I’ll get a chance to go to Mumbai to get more jobs.

Marijana 4

Marijana Sedlak

MM:  What advice do you have for aspiring models who want to get their career started?

MS: They should be persistent and never give up. Modelling is a very nice job, but the best thing is when you’re doing something that you love. For me it is modelling.


MM: How important is it for a model to have a profile on

MS: For me it is very important. You can share your work here and you never know who might see it.


Marijana Sedlak

Thank you Marijana for the interview! If you’re interested in Marijana and her work – check regularly her profile and her twitter page too!


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