Meet Anja Grundbock – an outstanding photographer that goes beyond limits!


Anja Grundböck is a master photographer who after years of experience in many kinds of photography, decided to focus more on fashion, beauty and artistic photography. Because of her incredible talent and creativity she was featured in our Close-up Magazine – Photographers for Model books Germany. Her style is unique and it can be perceived as provocative and off limits as she tends to stand out from the crowd. She likes to tell stories and create moods through her photos. 

Now let’s see Anja’s story-telling photographs!


Photography by Anja Grundböck

ModelManagement: When and how did you find out that photography is your profession?

Anja Grundböck: With about 13 years I asked myself: What do you want to do in future?! It didn’t take me a long time to know that I wanted to be a photographer. Before that I wasn’t really into photography and I’m very glad that I trusted my intention. I bought my first camera and started to love photography more and more. I also had built up another business for a few years and put my whole energy into it, but I realized that it wasn’t my passion… today I know more than ever before that photography is my passion, my profession, the thing I want to go on with.


Photography by Anja Grundböck

MM: Since March 2009 you are a Master Photographer. What does it make you stand out from a “normal” photographer?

AG: To be a Master Photographer doesn’t mean that you are better ore more talented than other photographers, it only means that I have the highest application you can get in Austria. I think to stand out from other photographers you have to find your personal style and that style has to be authentic to your personality, what also means that first of all you have to know who you really are… and I think that is the hardest part, to get to know what is really you and what is the part you try to be, to fit into our society. If you know who you really are, you can change yourself to be only you and the people will recognize you throughout your work. And my point of view is, to let a photographer or generally people stand out from others, you have to be authentic and go your own way.


Photography by Anja Grundböck

MM: What kind of shootings are your favorite ones and why?

AG: I really like and enjoy to work in different areas of photography like fashion, beauty, architecture up to product photography and so on. My favorite shootings are the ones where I can tell stories with my pictures – I love using light to create moods – I love to figuratively implement fantasies and to capture them – and I love it when my work triggers emotions.


Photography by Anja Grundböck

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MM: How would you describe the style of your photography?

AG: As you can see up in question 3, I love to tell stories with my work, till now I’ve been doing it in a few of my shootings, but in future I have more stories I what to tell, shootings which provoke and critisize more. You will be able to see my style of photography better in the next few months.


Photography by Anja Grundböck

MM: How does a busy day of a photographer look like?

AG: I think that really depends on what you understand with “busy”. I don’t really let someone stress myself neither I do it. If you are asking what a photographer has to do – taking pictures is probably the lowest part of the work. There is unfortunately a lot of office work, there is a lot of photo retouching – what I often really enjoy, and you have to do a lot of research to get new stories and new inspiration.


Photography by Anja Grundböck

MM: You have been featured in the Close-Up Magazine – Photographers for Model Books Germany. What advantages do you have through the feature in the Magazine?

AG: Through the magazine there are much more people who follow my work, especially models who want to work with me. And of course I feel blessed to be published in a magazine like the Close-Up Magazine, it’s really nice to see that people like my work. Thank’s a lot for that.


Photography by Anja Grundböck

Thank you Anja for the cool interview! If you’re interested in Anja and her work – check regularly her profile and website to be informed about her latest shoots!

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