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Today we are focusing on a Premium Pro member on, Jay Land!

Jay Land is a Switzerland based photographer who fell in love with photography in 2006. Thanks to a friend he discovered his real talent for photography and never stopped to shoot! He works with female and male models, trying to capture the specific moments and show his creativity! To see Jay’s fabulous work and discover how his is working, read on!


Jay Land photography

Modelmanagement: How did you found out that photography was your vocation?

Jay Land: As long as I can remember, I always knew I wanted to do my own thing where I can show my creative side. I started taking pictures in nightclubs pro bono. This allowed me to go out with my friends and to enter for free. Quickly, people started to appreciate my photos.

One day a friend of mine asked me to take pictures of her in a studio. Explorer of nature, I immediately accepted. At this time I knew nothing about studio lighting but I thought that this should not be so complicated. At the end the final result was awesome! That was the moment I realized that I have a talent; that this is just the beginning of something amazing. I continued to take photos in a studio that I rented whenever I needed it and my passion has grown over the years. Even today, I can spend hours editing my photos, watching tutorials on the Internet or reading books on how to edit pictures.


Jay Land photography

MM: Where do you get your inspiration from?

JL: There are so many things, people and situations that inspire me! My family and friends are my main inspiration. I’m lucky to have an environment with a lot of positive attitude. I can even take inspiration from the simplest things: traveling, strolling around and even certain situations in my daily life. But mostly, I often find my inspiration when I get up in the morning. When you know it’s going to be a good day: a day where nothing can bring you down and everything you need to do is done. When you go down the street and look at happy people. I always thought that my muse visits me in my dreams and gives me some positive energy in a certain way 🙂

We have so many great and talented photographers out there who do amazing jobs. As I said there is a lot of things or person that gives me a lot of inspiration; but at the end the importance is that you stay focus on your own work to show your unique creativity.


Jay Land photography

MM: A model with which you want to work with and haven’t the chance yet?

JL: There are a lot models that I want to work with especially artists. But if I have to choose a female model and a male model I would choose: Cara Delevingne for her craziness and unique beauty, and Mitchell Wick for his smile and eyes. Surely one day; it’s written in the stars … 🙂


MM: What photo shoot are you the most proud of? Why?

JL: I would probably say my photo shoot with one of my friend Aleksandra P. It was not really planned and I needed to leave my studio that day to do something else. It was the first time I was taking outdoor photos. At the end, it showed a different side of me: something that I didn’t know I can do. But in general, I am proud of all my photo shoots. I mean, I just started with taking my first photos a few years ago. People already know and recognize my work here in my hometown but I know it’s just the beginning! There is so much more to do and learn; day by day I am fascinated on how my passion for photography grows.


Aleksandra P. by Jay Land

MM: Do you prefer to tell stories in your pictures for people to understand, or for them to come up with their own story based on you work? 

JL: It’s a bit a mix of both. We all have different views and feelings when looking at a photograph and each has its own interpretation. What I try to achieve is more to convey the general mood/feeling and capture that specific moment with my own personal point of view/touch. The story will then takes it course through the eyes of each person.

MM: How do you scout models for your shoots?

JL: Most of my models are my friends. Always there to help me improve in what I like to do. Then with the help of social networks and word of mouth, requests have increased. I also used to find my models in modeling agencies or plateform like!


Jay Land photography

MM: What are the benefits for a photographer when signing up on as a Premium Pro member?

JL: I have a friend who is on for a few months now and he has told me all the opportunities this site gave him in a professional way so I decided to sign up immediately.  I think sites like are a great way to connect with international photographers, worldwide models and make-up artists of the same business and to get in touch with them.


Jay Land photography

MM: How does social media have an impact on your work?

JL: Nowadays, social media is very important and has a special attention in terms of network relations. You can be the best photographer in the world but if no one looks at your pictures you don’t exist. One really great way I stay connected with my followers is my Facebook page and Instagram page. This gives me the ability to get to know what my followers think about my work and let them know what I’m doing. It’s great to get their feedback and I really appreciate that 🙂


A big thank you to Jay Land for doing this interview with! Don’t forget to follow him on Facebook and Instagram to know his latest projects!

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