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Meet the first identical triplets of our community!

Gabriele, Adele and Elena Basta from Lithuania, currently based in Germany, are known as the ´Triplets´ in the fashion industry. They have been working together from the beginning and they want to make it big in the modeling world!

MM: You are the first identical triplets to join our community! How did you become models? Was it something planned or were you discovered?
A photographer spotted us over a year ago on the street in our hometown and we started to get offers after that! It was unusual to model as triplets so it was something new for the people.

MM: Where did your passion for modeling come from?
We wouldn’t say that passion was the thing that got us into this industry. It was something new to try, more like a hobby.

MM: Do you only accept job offers which include all three of you?
Yes because that is what we stand for. We are most of the time together and we prefer offers that include all of us. It is easier to stand out of the crowd when we are working as triplets.


MM: You are originally from Lithuania, but currently living in Berlin. Why did you moved to Berlin? Do you get more job offers in Germany?
We just finished school and none of us clearly decided what to study yet, so we just chose Berlin and moved here. A lot of people in Lithuania judged and told us that we’re wasting our years but here you can feel free. It had nothing to do with our job, we just wanted to travel and live abroad. Berlin has more open-minded people with interesting ideas and they are not scared to do what they think is right. It´s really hard to be discovered in such a big city, so we’re making our way through.

MM: Pros and cons of working as triplet models?
Same as being triplets or working on any job. Even though we look really similar and it’s lots of fun when people are getting confused. We’re different persons and we want people to see that. It’s okay that not everyone can say our names right but it’s unfair to think that we’re the same person.

MM: What’s your best memory of a photo shoot?
In all shootings it’s always really funny because photographers cannot remember our names, so they’re always calling us numbers 1, 2, 3.

MM: What would you like to achieve in the future in the modeling industry?
We don’t consider modeling as our main job and at this time we’re just having a good time without thinking where it’s going.

MM: Why did you decide to join the Modeling Community
Since our passion is traveling and it’s one of the biggest international communities we’re glad to be part of it.

MM: Do you have any tips for aspiring twins or triplet models?
Probably the thing that helped us is to stay together and always be yourself.

Gabriele Adele Elena Basta_c

MM: Any projects you can share with our readers?
We have our project “Mondays”, which we are doing for almost two years. We try our best to take a picture every Monday with the idea to make a Monday less worse and to start the week with a smile!

If you are interested on booking these beautiful triplets for your upcoming project or want to see the rest of their work then visit their Model profile and follow them on Instagram!

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