Meet the Top-Voted Models of Fresh Faces India: Rhiya and Navneet


Congratulations to both models, Rhiya and Navneet, who succeeded to have a lot of votes to become the Top-Voted Models of Fresh Faces 2014 in India. Let’s have a read to find our how they achieved such success!

ModelManagement: How does it feel to be the most voted model in your Fresh Faces country?

Rhiya: It was nothing but an honor. I had honestly never expected to achieve this mile by a feat. This would never have been possible hadn’t it been for all those kind people who took the time out of their lives to click the button and push me to wherever I’ve reached today, whether it be this contest or in real life.

Navneet: I am feeling proud to be top voted in huge country like India. It is has been possible because my close friends and social media friends gave me a great support.


ModelManagement: Who is your idol in the modelling industry? Why?

Rhiya: The one who’s inspired me the most within the industry, is none other than Natalia Vandianova. In a world where we believe we tend to exaggerate our own problems, there was once a young girl, at the age of 11, who sold fruits to help her mom support their family. Despite all the troubles the little girl faced, she pushed passed all her problems, which included her mom’s abusive boyfriend and poverty to achieve tremendous success only which most of us could dream of to this day.

Navneet: There are lot of models whom I follow but Milind Soman is my Ideal model. He is first Indian to be become supermodel and made Indian footmark on international modelling industry. In my childhood I was really fond of his TV Series Captain Vyom.


ModelManagement: What are your hobbies?

Rhiya: Well, in my spare time I love to read and write my own stories. It’s always a pleasure putting down my own imaginary world on paper. And yes, I love to draw.

Navneet: I am adventure loving guy so I always like to travel and discover new places. Gyming and Modelling are main area of my interest I love to pose in front of camera .


ModelManagement: What is your dream?

Rhiya: To one day make the world a slightly better place to live in. To simply make a difference.

Navneet: My aim is to shining my family name and my country on world map. I don’t think so any other industry except modelling help me to achieve my goal.

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ModelManagement: What are your projects for the future?

Rhiya: Right now I may not have any future projects since I’m completely new to this massive industry. I had just joined ModelManagement in late august. However, I’m studying university psychology at the moment.

Navneet: I am already lined up for shoot by various renowned industries. I have set my hands on national projects where as will also be going on for a shoot by an international agency based in Dubai, ME. I am open to opportunities.

ModelManagement: When and how have you decided to become a model?

Rhiya: It was a really peculiar day actually. It was a hot summer day towards the end of august and I was hit with the strangest of inspiration, “I am young and have a wide range of possibilities ahead of me, so would it be a sin to pursue something I had longed for for a long time now?” And that was when I had stumbled upon ModelManagement.

Navneet:  I was told in my previous answer. In my childhood childhood I was big fond of Milind Soman’s TV Series Captain Vyom. I use to follow him and decide to be become model like him.


ModelManagement: What do you believe is the key to success for a model?

Rhiya: To keep your head held up high and stay committed. By staying confident, no matter what.

Navneet: Positive approach and attitude toward work are keys to success.

ModelManagement: How have you known ModelManagement?

Rhiya: It’s quite a funny story actually. I was going around the array of sites that had promised young aspiring models like us a brighter future, to only feel cheated up since they were nothing but a disappointment as they demanded heaps of money for a blink of exposure. That was when I stumbled upon ModelManagement. Not only was the portfolio free, but for youngsters like us who could not quite afford the (surprisingly reasonable) expenses this site had to offer with it’s premium packages, we still got the opportunity to post as many pictures as possible and apply for castings which would have otherwise been near impossible compared to the other sites.

Navneet: When I have researching how to start career in modelling I know about from google search engine.

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