Meet Vin, the first androgynous model to enter Fresh Faces 2013!


Fresh Faces 2013 is proud to present you the first high-fashion androgynous model contestant! It´s Vin from Indonesia who sets the tone. This beautiful man diserves great attention with both his feminine as masculine features strengthening his position in the Fresh Faces 2013 online contest. 

Vin was born to be an androgynous, but wasn´t aware of the existence. After reading an article about Andrej Pejic he knew he was. According to Vin the future for androgynous models will be timeless. Continue reading and discover the doubts and the certainties of this special model who entered Fresh Faces Indonesia 2013!

ModelManagement: Tell us when and how did you decide to become a model?

Vin: I never planned to be a model before. Accidentally,  I was been scouted by some photographers (they were working for some magazine) on facebook about 2 years ago. I posted some photos and then 2 photographers (Hendra Kusuma and Sofian Hadi) asked me to be their model at the same time! I said to them “yeah, why not!”. I had some spare time to do these shoots as well. But it was more for having fun. I actually never thought about it seriously and that’s when it all started:)

MM: Have you always wanted to be androgynous?

Vin: I never knew the meaning of “androgynous” until I found an article about Andrej Pejic on an fashion website. But the funny thing is that I decided to let my hair grow long before I red the article. Just for the fun! I tried to make new hairsyles because I always had short hair. So I never thought to be androgynous, but after reading the aricle I did:)

MM: As an androgynous model what are the advantages and disadvantages when it comes to booking jobs?

Vin: The advantages are that I  fit for unisex products and I can trick some people of course:p The disadvateages are that it´s hard to convince few photographers and designer for the fact that I can be masculine enough to wear men products 🙁

MM: Androgyny is a big thing in the modeling industry today, with models like Andrej Pejic and Lea T rocking the runways. Have their experiences inspired you?

V: Of course Andrej Pejic is my inspiration, expecially when I had to do androgynous projects. I learn so many things from him, especially how to pose in front of camera. I try to learn his “androgynous feel” in front of the camera, but always try not to copycat him 🙂

MM: You are a contestant of Fresh Faces Indonesia 2013, what are your views on the contest so far?

Vin: I think this contest is a great start for a professional modelling career. It gives aspiring models the opportunity to get exposure and start their own modeling career. I really hope in the future this contest will create many new supermodels worldwide:)

MM: How do you see the future for androgynous models in the fashion industry?

Vin: I think androgynous models will have good future, because not so many models have this feature. We have uniqueness that other models don’t have. And I hope androgynous models will not be only for 1 or 2 seasons but for always and all the time!

MM: Favorite fashion model of all time?

Vin: I have so many favourite models but if I have to shooce I will say Andrej pejic and David Gandhy as male models and Sasha Pivovarova and Devon Aoki as female models.

MM: If you had to choose any fashion brand in the world to work for, which one would it be?

Vin: its hard to tell, but it will be between Prada, CK, Jean Paul Gultier and Givenchy. all of them always have good products and campaigns.

Photo by Ronald Leonardi

Do you want to know more about Vin? Visit his model profile on or contact him on his email: [email protected]



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