Model Birgitta P. Scouted by Fourteen Models on!


Last week, we had the pleasure of having a chat with Jursten Linden, owner of Fourteen Models who told us more about the agency, its values and its mission. We also received a great surprise when he brought along model Birgitta P., gorgeous model from iceland who got discovered from Fourteen on!

Birgitta P. model discovered by Fourteen on

Fourteen Model Management: Its mission, Its values

As a new agency founded in 2011, Fourteen Models already counts a stunning range of international scouts coming from all parts of the world. The Fourteen Team believes in professional development in order to build their model’s long-term careers. “All the models of our agency undergo an intensive 1-2 years of career development, especially those younger models who need to know the industry before jumping into a modeling career”.

The fourteen model training covers just about everything from languages, to runway training and acting. “We even teach models how to take care of their selves” says Jursten, and adds “We have a nutritionist from New York, who teaches the models how to follow a healthy diet (he stresses healthy, as opposed to not eating), and we also have coaches who teach the models how to apply and remove makeup, while always taking care of their skin”.

Model Birgitta P. photographed by Eduardo Forte

With an eye on social responsibility, Fourteen Models prepares their girls by giving them the right tools needed in order to strive in the modeling business. The highly qualified professionals working behind the agency, share their know-how with their models -which is something lacking from many agencies. “For us, trust is one of the most important things” says Jursten.

Jursten also commented to me that the relationship scouters and models have is quite vital to their business. “it’s absolutely important to build a personal relationship based on trust. We are all young and in this together so very often we organize retreats in which we hangout with our models. Sometimes we organize trips to the beach or anything that makes a fun day for all of us”.

Success Story: Birgitta

Model Birgitta P. photographed by Eduardo Forte

Seeing Birgitta in person in our office last week was so refreshing and such a great surprise! We asked her what she’s working on at the moment and she replied “At the moment I am undergoing some training as I recently just finished school”. We asked her how the Fourteen training was going for her and she told us it was just great and adds “Learning about the industry and taking care of oneself is absolutely vital to us models because I am aware of the fact that I cannot model forever, therefore it’s very important that I learn more things inorder to find more opportunities in the industry”.

Hearing this from a nineteen year old model just gives proof of the awareness that the team of Fourteen Models give their girls is absolutely key. Tipically a model at this age only sees the exciting part of the business, but not Birgitta. She is fully trained and fully prepared to see modeling as a business, not as a fairy land.

Birgitta P.

I then asked her what are the opportunities that girls like her can have to model successfully in her homecountry (Iceland). She quickly responded “None” -and added, “In the end what really helped me was the internet. A profile was what gave me the opportunity to be discovered, and I am very grateful for that”.

Birgitta P.

I then asked Jursten, how is helping him in his business and he said “Our Premium account is working very well. We had the best experience when posting castings on the site as we immediately got about 100 applicants in no time. Furthermore, we have found between 30 and 40 agents interested in representing our models so that’s just great!

Birgitta P.

For being so young, Fourteen Models is a true inspiration for the modeling business. It sets a great example for models who can have a better idea on what to expect from modeling agencies. Forget agents and agencies who don’t support you, there are other professionals out there who are willing to back you up in all you do just like Fourteen Models does!

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