Model Booking: How to get ALL your money in less than 48 hours


As long as I can remember I imagined being a model must be the most fun and glamorous profession in the whole wide world. It is true, the modeling industry is a glamorous one, BUT… (yes, there is always a but.. 🙄 ) it is not just fun and games all the time. If I had a dime for all the times I heard a story about a model getting paid months or years after the job, having to nag, beg or sue for her rightful compensation, I would be a millionaire. That’s why today I want to tell you about our model booking option. 


Whether you are a professional or aspiring model who wants to find paid jobs there are inevitable risks. You could go the easy way: message photographers on Instagram or search for modeling jobs in Facebook groups. Most aspiring models have probably been down that road, but oh boy, are they risqué. What is the guarantee that the photographer will pay you? Or if (s)he is legitimate in the first place?

Now that is where comes in to help a model out and provide a safe platform and a supportive community for you to achieve your dreams.✨

But how? You might ask.

Through our amazing model booking service!

Tina Jin about to be booked on


How do model bookings work?

Only background-checked professionals can book you

Each and every member we accept into our community goes through a verification process where we check their website, portfolio and social media to make sure they are legitimate.

Bookings are also background-checked

Whenever a verified member sends you a booking request we check if they listed all important information regarding the shoot and double check their account a second time.

The compensation is prepaid

This means that as the model confirms the booking the payment for the photoshoot is withheld from the booker’s bank account. This holds the photographer/ industry professional accountable and guarantees your payment.

If the shoot is canceled, you still get paid!

That’s right! If the booker cancels less than 7 days before the photo shoot, you still get your money. I mean… where else do you have this level of security?

No fees or commissions

You might say, okay, we provide security, but I can have that with a model agency as well. True, but we don’t take any commissions from your payment (you get 100% of the fee), as opposed to model agencies that usually take around 20%. So no surprises with our model bookings!😉

Support throughout the whole process

And the cherry on top, is that we provide model and booker support before, during and after the photoshoot. So, if you have any questions, problems or doubts, we are always here to help you.