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Let’s say you, as a model, get a Facebook message from a photographer wanting to arrange a photo shoot with you. At first you’re super excited but then you start thinking “What if he’s not professional? Will I get my money after the shoot? Is he really a photographer?

Model booked through Facebook
Model booked through Facebook

All those are questions a model should ask him/herself before accepting a job. Doing a good research on the photographer would be a first step, but.. How can he guarantee you will get your money? If you’re a freelance model you don’t have an agency who can step-up for you if something goes wrong, so there is where we come in! is an online Modeling Community that connects models with agencies, photographers and other industry professionals. In order to build a safe community for all our users we revise each profile one by one!

I’m sure you’ve heard about our Bookings Service; we are the first online platform where member can book models directly from our site. What’s good about this!?  Pay attention to the list below:

1) Our staff checks each client before he can proceed with a booking so it’s a safe and trusted online environment to be booked.

2) You will only be approached by approved industry professionals.

3) If we have any doubts about the job request we investigate.

4) We offer you and the booker support & advice before, during and after the shoot.

5) Deal directly with the industry professional, no agents taking commission.

6)  Money is handled securley by ensuring a safe and reliable service, this is the best way to make sure money is prepaid and gets to you immediately after the shoot.

7) You do not have to pay any fees or commission – at all! The full amount is send to you, so there are no surprises.

8) If your booking is cancelled before the shoot, you still get paid.

9) If you have any questions.. just ask us!

Model Rubia booked on

As a model for sure you had some good experiences but also some where the photo shoot wasn’t paid or you had doubts about the job.

In this case gives you the perfect tool to feel safe, get your money after the job and be sure that if a booking is confirmed by us it’s safe! Furthermore.. if the professional who is booking you cancels 7 days or less before the job date you will still get paid!

So, if a photographer or industry professional contacts you for his next shoot just send him the link to your model profile where he will have the option to book you directly from our site, of course, before even having that option they will need to have an approved account (which means it’s been reviewed by our experts) and you a person from our team will be in contact with you from beginning to end.

Sofia booked through
Sofia booked through

Testimonials from success bookings so you can see that all mentioned above is real!

I like the international approach of and I’m happy to accept more bookings. The concept of the website is genius and very helpful as a freelance model. secures the payment and helps to prevent misunderstandings. Also the staff members are very helpful and concerned about my well-being on the booking. Rubia Stri, Model. The proof

It was the first time I was booked through The booking service is innovative and even if it will be introduce progressively in the other modeling community, is the first one to offer it! It’s so much comfortable for me and for the fashion professionals! Sofía Pérez Bartolomé, Model. The proof

Being booked through was a great experience, I enjoyed the photo session, it’s nice to work well when there is a good team behind. This Modeling Community has a lot of professionals from the photography world and it was always great help to be on such a site to find you more easily when working. Sandra Falga, Model. The proof

It was my first time booking a professional model. gave me the opportunity to choose from different distinctive faces, which was a positive experience on its own. I also got a very quick response. I am glad this experience went so well. Regardless, I think that having a proper conversation with the model before the shoot is essential. It’s important to know how you can get along with a model one on one. I felt like it was my job to make her as comfortable as I possibly could. To be honest, I was scared of having to deal with someone with attitude, or someone late or even someone unattractive in person. But I have to say that Marta was kind professional and a lot of fun. We really got along, she has a great personality and made my job very easy.  Arielle Dabbah, Design Advertising & Art Directing. The proof



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