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Nowadays, Social media is very important in the fashion industry for both models and brands. Recently there has emerged a new type of model; apart from the ones we already know – fashion models, advertising models, curvy models, runway models… we also have “social models” or “influencers”. These models can make contacts and find jobs through their social media thanks to their thousands of followers. In some cases these that become influencers are the ones that don’t follow the industry standards, but they have the attitude and social media knowledge to make modeling their main job!

Eva Padlock

Social media can also be the perfect alternative for brands to generate a bigger and more relevant audience when they’re using an influencer to promote their products.
Instagram is the best example, with more than 500 millions monthly active users, it’s the main social media in our society where we can find lots of influencers who can influence consumer behaviour thanks to their network and notoriety. Their role is less direct in terms of recommendation than a prescriber, but their influence can be way bigger: the whole point to use this strategy is to target a particular audience that might be interested in your products.

Sandra Falga

Read on to see a specific case of a brand that is successfully expanding on another market thanks to influencers.

German brand Alpecin, a caffeine shampoo used against hair loss, dandruff and thinning hair is expanding in Spain. Even if glamour isn’t the main key for the brand, 2m bottles were sold in 2010 in Germany.
Today, Alpecin is doing a new approach in which they collaborate with Spanish female influencers from Instagram & Facebook to be not only their muse but also every men’s one in several short videos that look like TV spots exclusively promoted on these two social medias.

Eva Padlock is a Monster Girl; she’s the one promoting the Monster drink at every international Moto GP races.
In the other side, we have Sandra Falga who has been elected as one of the 10 sexiest women in Spain by Esquire Magazine 2 years ago. She has gained her notoriety only by social media.

Both models found the way to create a story according to what Alpecin demanded, this successful brand is already a major shampoo used in Germany, for that reason they want to expand to other countries as Spain – for other men to make use of their exclusive products! Two minutes under the shower, more time to dream!

The idea behind these Instagram & Facebook promo videos is quite simple you take the shampoo, you get the girl. But authenticity is still at the heart of the campaign which shows several aspects of feminism with beauty and its meaning. Seduction is running the campaign but it’s also running the World and that’s something Alpecin totally get.

At the end, with those short videos, Alpecin is breaking the codes and changing the rules in a really good way!

Now that you’ve learned what a social media influencer is and how a brand can reach the perfect target, do you want to know how to become an influencer?
Read the exclusive interview with Eva and Sandra and find out how to be one!

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