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Founded over 30 years ago, Model Pool international Modelmanagement agency represents both male and female models giving them support since the beginning by launching their careers and organizing shoots, shows and fashion events nationally and internationally with some of the top clients and popular brands, photographers and designers.

We are pleased to announce that Model Pool got together with to give you the chance to participate in the Fresh Faces Germany 2013 modelling contest!

Dennis - Model Pool International Modelmanagement

Gina Beyer, Model Pool‘s booking agent has given us the opportunity to ask her some questions about the agency. Read on if you want to find out all the necessary information about Model Pool and Fresh Faces Germany 2013 Contest!

Miriam - Model Pool International Modelmanagement

Model Management: Why is Model Pool considered one of the leading agencies in Germany?

Gina Beyer: Model Pool International Modelmanagement is the third oldest agency in Germany; therefore we are familiar with the model scene right from the beginning. We are in touch with popular brands, photographers, designers to generate the best possible jobs for our models. And: Model Pool is one of the founders of VELMA – the model agencies owners association

Carolin - Model Pool International Modelmanagement

MM: What advantages does a model have when becoming part of Model Pool agency?

GB: We are constantly promoting our models to each domain relevant in the fashion business. Model Pool provides support from the very first test shooting up to big campaign shooting jobs. Excellent knowledge of our clients provides the best positioning of the Model Pool models.

Aleks - Model Pool International Modelmanagement

MM: How important is it for you to have an international presence? Do you mainly concentrate in the German market or you try to expand and look for models abroad?

GB: Model Pool is operating internationally, but main focus is the German market, when it comes to commercial shootings and fashion shows.
But cooperations with agencies abroad are an important point to provide a wide range of different model types.

Rahel - Model Pool International Modelmanagement

MM: What do you look for in a potential model?

GB: Several points are important to us, when we choose a model to be part of our agency:
First of all, a certain height (174cm minimum) is needed; also the body should be healthy and well-proportioned.
Symmetrical face features are the main points, but also healthy teeth and a great smile are necessary for a professional model.
Another important point is the model’s attitude. As far as we can’t notice the real wish to be a model, or if the model is very shy, it’s up to us to let the potential model know, that we need full commitment.

Kilian - Model Pool International Modelmanagement

MM: What is the local market like in Germany? Are there any trends?

GB: The German market is divided into several interesting areas. Commercial shootings, editorial shootings for magazines, fashion shows or tv commercials are just a few to mention. At the moment we are looking especially for very natural beauties.

Mischka - Model Pool International Modelmanagement

MM: How do you scout new models? Did the internet make you change that process?

GB: As mentioned before, we are constantly in touch with agencies abroad. Also the internet/social media helps us to find new models for our board.

Jill - Model Pool International Modelmanagement

MM: With the importance of internet, why is a website such as important for modelling today? Is it a useful tool to make new contacts and increase presence in the modelling world?

GB: A website such as Model Management helps to connect and get new input from different points of view, since this platform acts internationally. Each one can interact with different markets and models to exchange best knowledge possible.

Alena - Model Pool International Modelmanagement

MM: Model Pool international modelmanagement has another agency linked to it, Model Pool Kids & Young actors; can you tell us about it? How is the modelling world different for kids?

GB: In general it’s the same business, but in Germany due to the specific laws young models cannot work as long as adults. And for sure, young models and actors are less paid, but if customers will book them for a national or international campaign they also can make good money.

Dennis - Model Pool International Modelmanagement

MM: As a booking agent you must have worked with a lot of models, could you give some advice to those that are willing to have a strong and complete Photo Book?

GB: It’s always useful to keep up to date which photographer or style of photography is trendy right now. For the book you mainly need good editorials, not commercial pics. And besides that the client should see a variety of different mimics and posing. A model that is not able to implement the photographer’s instructions won’t have a big career.

Sarah - Model Pool International Modelmanagement

MM: One of the newest projects Model Pool is involved in is the Fresh Faces Germany 2013 contest in association with, what advice can you give to models who want to become part of this contest?

GB: Involve your friends, family, and colleagues to vote for you. Share the Fresh Faces pages in social media networks to get best spreading and reputation possible.

Fresh Faces Germany 2013 - by and Model Pool

This is your chance to be discovered by Model Pool! Apply now to Fresh Faces Germany 2013 Contest, great opportunities are waiting for you!

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