One of the most effective ways to cast models that you probably hadn’t thought of


If you need models and you have no time or a limited budget, who you gonna call?

You probably already know that is a huge international modeling community, but you may not know that international clients contact us on a regular basis with different model requests for their various projects and campaigns. These clients are in direct contact with our castings team to find the perfect models, no matter what type of models that require, and we find ALL types of models! Since the inception of our platform, we understand that the word ‘Model’ is not only for the models you see on the world’s catwalks and those who grace the cover the Vogue. understands clients perfectly, and our willingness to fulfill their needs has made us a perfect solution for them.

Our industry client list includes advertising agencies, marketing companies, production companies, fashion brands, corporate clients, photographers and more, who are looking for a new way to find models which is easy, direct, economical and exactly what they need.

To really get an idea of our castings, here are a few recent examples:



After receiving a request from creative agency Bellanopolis to find Lifestyle Models from around the world for their upcoming Nescafe social media campaign, in just a few days found over 20 models from United States, Japan, France, UK and Brazil including male & female models with piercings, tattoos, hipsters, redhead, blond, Japanese, Algeria, Chinese, Indian among many others!

This casting was a great challenge, as the team behind the project wanted to shoot in many different international locations, but the final result was a wonderful campaign and a happy client and models.

“ is a community we’ve been working with as they fulfill all our model requests worldwide. Recently we had a new project where we needed numerous models from different countries, within days provided several options from which we could choose. We were working closely together and we could feel their professionalism throughout the Job. They also took care of the paper work and where in direct contact with the models till the day of the shoot. They really supported us in the Casting Job from A-Z. we felt always in good hands.”
Henrik Jessen – Founder/Director of Bellanopolis Studios

I signed up to a few months ago and within the first two weeks of being a member I got my first model job. It was for Nescafe, it was really well paid and everyone at was super friendly, professional and organized.The shoot itself was really fun and relaxed.
Harry ter Haar – Model from London, UK


The brief received was to cast 22 different types of real people of varying ages from toddlers to pensioners and everything in between. This also included people with specific professions, such as doctors and dentists.

 The campaign was for ERGO, Germany’s largest insurance company, who would be shooting a series of promotional images over a 15 day period with a leading German advertising photographer.

The most unique aspect of this casting was that the client preferred ‘Real people’ as opposed to ‘Models’. This was a challenge that we knew we could face due to our modeling community brand positioning and approach that anyone can be a model. The end results from our online casting were phenomenal! From all our castings we received over 3,000 applicants. This meant that the client and the photographer were very pleased indeed with the incredible amount of options they had. This is especially important when both photographers and clients are waiting to find that exact look that they have in their minds.You can see the results for yourself throughout ERGO’s website

Images from ERGO Insurance

Images from ERGO Insurance – casting by


One example of the many of castings where we’ve helped industry professionals was for Melissa Espinosa, a professional producer and director based in New York. We found two models from over 100 applicants to be featured in one of her fashion videos “Lower Eastside Barbies”. After the success of her first casting she decided to cast with us for a second time finding a third model for the video “Melicious”. We love these kinds of projects and were very happy the help Melissa find models from our community.

If you’re looking for models for any kind of project, big, small or a collaboration, be sure to contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss what you need and find you the perfect talent: [email protected]

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