Photoshop Fails: Why editing isn’t always the best idea!


We all know that a little Photoshop goes a long way… it can be helpful to add a little more light or remove some creases from a shirt, but sometimes it goes a little wrong. We’ve picked out a few of the top Photoshop Fails that have occurred in recent years, so sit back and spot the reckless retouching!

Victoria Secret’s cheeky mistake! 

For the advertising of Victoria Secret’s new lingerie range back in 2015, the retouchers made a small boo-boo and the public was quick to notice that the model seemingly lost the contour of her left cheek! On top of this, her thighs were pointed out to look unnaturally thin, further questioning more bad Photoshop work. With all the beautiful women Victoria Secret has, we cannot understand why they would want to edit these gorgeous gals. From us, it’s a definite Photoshop FAIL!

The mirror never lies

The beautiful Kate Winslet was caught in a Photoshop fail controversy when she modeled for GQ magazine. The editors were quick to excessively slim down Kate’s already gorgeous figure, but forgot one thing – the reflection in the mirror! Both the public and Kate herself complained about this (and rightfully so!). Kate then went on to sign a “no retouch” clause with her next contract wanting to be a set a good example for others and understanding her position as a role model to other women. We say “You go, girl!” Hopefully, this blunder helped GQ see how ridiculous this Photoshop was and Kate’s actions have put a photoSTOP to further editing of these already beautiful women.

Ralph Lauren’s unstylish move…

In 2009, Ralph Lauren featured model Filipa Hamlington in its catalog. The image caused public outcry at how heavily photoshopped her body was. The image edits made Filipa look completely unnatural (– I mean seriously? her head is bigger than her waist!) in comparison to her true body image. Ralph Lauren eventually admitted the image was photoshopped (gasp!) but to make matters even worse, a few months down the line they fired Filipa as she could not fit into the clothes they wanted her to model! Filipa has a body to die for and the edits were totally unnecessary! A*  for this editing fail.

Vogue stretches the truth

Seven of some of the most beautiful models pose together for Vogue, creating a flawless picture – however, there is just one problem, Gigi Hadid’s forearm is usually long, spanning across Kendell Jenner and Ashely Graham.  Another undeniable photoshop edit-gone-wrong which was easily spotted by Vogue’s eagle-eyed followers. In addition to this, the photoshop scandal stirred rumors on whether this was done to make Ashley (one of the world’s top plus-size models) appear slimmer. People further questioned her pose with her arm over her leg to again, appear slimmer. The latter rumor has been denied by Ashely herself stating that she “chose to pose like that.” Overall, we think that Vogue should focus more on photography and less on editing already perfect women. From us, it’s another Photoshop FAIL.

Gucci’s Oopsie!

Under Gucci’s ‘Explore the digital flagship’ campaign, the beautiful Joan Smalls totally killed it with her fierce pose, stunning outfit, and snake-skin bag. However, it seems that someone in Gucci’s editing team wasn’t satisfied and this resulted in some seriously bad photoshopping of Joan’s left leg, leaving it nearly half the width of her right! Observant viewers noticed the model’s hips were out of line in this pose making it even more unnatural, and the Photoshop alarm bells ringing. Another unnecessary Photoshop to create an, even more, minute figure of the already slim and smoking-hot Joan. A big thumbs down from us for yet another awful Photoshop FAIL.


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