Posing: The Basics!


Being a model isn’t as easy as all the professionals make it look. It takes time, skill and dedication to deliver those awe-inspiring images and confident runway walks. Whether you’re just starting out and need a few pointers, or you’ve been in the industry a little while and want to improve, we decided to put together a few super basics to keep in mind when posing. Next time you step in front of a camera there are three top things you should be thinking of, if you focus on the three, you’ll deliver great shots every time!

Engage your entire body and mind…  Good posture goes a long way in modeling. Be aware of your positioning, your body and lengthen yourself. Imagine you have string down through your back, pulling you up, elongating your body. We all have our best angles, sides, and features so be mindful of each part of your body and how you’re using it, learn how to angle and position yourself to really make your features work for you! Always maintain a little tension in your limbs so that you always appear engaged in your images.

Movement is key… Ask someone to strike a pose and they’ll take up a stance and stay still. Though technically that’s what posing is, when you’re working as a model you need to move! Movement adds interest to images, it keeps things fresh when you’re on a photo shoot and often it can bring ideas and looks that no one expected! Subtle movements are key, you don’t need to have drastic pose changes in order to completely change an image. Listen to the photographer, take their pointers, and add your own personality into the mix! Just keep those poses flowing.

It’s all in the eyes… Don’t just stare off into space, and if that’s what you’re being asked to do then you must do it with purpose! Show expression, tell the story all through your eyes.

Being a great model is not just about the poses, but also having a positive, can-do attitude that makes working with you a pleasure. If you think your runway walk is your strongest point right now, then don’t worry. Start with keeping these tips in mind, then grab a mirror and pose, pose, and pose. Practice makes perfect!


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