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Prepare your wardrobe… Spring is here!

We are now in mid-March which means spring has arrived and the weather is slowly but surely getting warmer. Spring season can be tricky when it comes to rummaging through your closet for those ‘in-betweenie’ items. Whether you’re looking for ‘not too warm’ a coat or something colorful to brighten up your outfit, it can be a challenge finding clothes that are perfectly suitable for the spring weather.

Designers and high-street retailers have recently launched all their new trends and collections for spring… so it’s time to ditch winter jumpers and dressing head to toe in black! I’m going to share with you some new fashion trends for this season that are not only affordable but will hopefully be suitable for this ‘in-betweenie’ weather.

Long Oversize Dress

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Long Oversize Dress from Zara Spring Collection

Long oversize dresses are perfect to wear casual, fancy for a day’s shopping or a nice evening of dinner and drinks. They can be easily accessorized and are also loose making them super comfy to wear and you’ll have no fear of any visible food babies. Long oversize dresses are light and therefore suitable for the warmer weather however, you’re bare legs are kept covered in case it’s a little too chilly.

Floral Prints 

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Floral shirts from Topshop Spring Collection


Spring is the start of daffodil season and pretty blossom trees, so what is more appropriate than adding some floral clothing to your wardrobe? Floral prints will help brighten up an outfit… especially if you can’t live without black jeans. A floral print shirt is ideal for spring as you can keep warm with sleeves or roll them up when the sun is out. A  floral shirt can also substitue as a jacket and be the perfect finish to a pair of casual jeans or denim skirt.


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Images from Asos Spring Collection

Stripes are in this season and whether it’s a pair of striped trousers, blouse, skirt… you name it, you will find it in the shops. Stripes are a great way to accompany an outfit; such as a white blouse, leather jacket or jeans. Stripes can also disguise any lumps and bumps and can look very flattering-when worn correctly- if you’re still working on that summer-bod.


Outfits from Fashion Week by Elle Magazine

The Victorian-era is making an appearance in this year’s spring collections. High necks, regal designs and ruffles have been modernized by designers and high-street retailers by simply shortening them and adding more color. The ‘Victorian look’ is a classy style you can wear during the day, dressy at night or even to the office.


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Bags from Missguided Spring Collection

Tassels are on everything this spring; clothing, shoes, belts and bags. Tassels can add a chic cowboy look to your outfit and act as an accessory. To finish of an outfit some added accessoirises do the job and a nice handbag is a must! Almost any style of bag this season can be found with added tassels- clutch bag, shoulder bag, backpack… the list goes on. So, no matter what kind of occasion you’re dressing for, you’re guaranteed a suitable tassel bag that will complete your look!

Lace-up Sandals 

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Sandals from Urban Outfitters

Another outfit essential are shoes and it’s time to leave your winter boots in the closet for next year. This spring, lace-up sandals are the new trend and look fab when you ‘get your legs out’. To accompany a cute dress, casual shorts or mini skirt a pair of lace-up sandals do the job. Not only can they dress up your outfit but they’re super comfy and most importantly come with no heels attached- there’s nothing better than wearing a comfortable pair of fashionable shoes!


I hope you enjoyed some fashion tips from and can start organizing a stylish wardrobe for this spring. Once your new spring wardrobe is in order stop by our Model Style page to share it with other models and users to give them some inspiration!

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