Quentin Décaillet, the perfect wedding photographer!


Do you know Quentin Décaillet? He is one of the most talented photographers of his generation! Specialized in wedding photography and winner of several photography awards, Quentin’s talent is well established! Based in Switzerland, he works all over the world to offer quality, originality and modern photography.

Few days ago, Modelmanagement.com had the chance to interview Quentin Décaillet. Are you willing to find out more about him?

Photography by Quentin Décaillet

“Light & Darkness” by Quentin Décaillet

ModelManagement: When/How did you get your first camera? What did you shoot?

Quentin Decaillet: I first bought a Canon 30D when I was 16. I used to do a lot of snowboarding/skiing with my friends. We needed pictures to send to our sponsors. I found photography cool and gave it a try. I quickly got hooked and couldn’t stop shooting!


Bulle Meow by Quentin Décaillet

MM: Have you ever been attracted by wedding photography? Why?

QD: Yes, actually wedding photography is the other side of my business. For some photographers wedding is seen as quick way to earn money. To me it’s way to have variety in my work. Weddings teaches you to get the shot, work quickly, include emotion in your work while fashion/beauty helps you in posing and interacting with your clients, understand lighting or even retouching. Both have their places, both are very different but both complement each other very well in my opinion.


Jennifer Macedo for Hera by Quentin Décaillet

MM: Where do you get your inspiration from?

QD: I watch tons of TV shows and movies. When I’m not shooting or retouching, I’m on my couch watching TV. That’s where I get most of my ideas. Sometimes it also comes from other photographers (or painters) work though.



Tanaïs by Quentin Décaillet

MM: Do you have an unforgettable memory from one of the weddings you shot?

QD: At the beginning of this year I had a very special wedding to shoot. A wonderful couple came all the way from Hong Kong to Interlaken to get married. As they couldn’t bring their family and friends, they asked my assistant and me to be their witnesses (2 witnesses are required to make a wedding official in Switzerland). It is not everyday that you get to have such a relation with your client! They were so lovely!


Vanessa & Vadim by Quentin Décaillet

MM: You won several photography awards in 2013 and 2014, what did you feel?

QD: I felt great about it! I haven’t been in wedding and fashion photography for all that long. I manage to get recognized quickly in my area and in the french part of Switzerland by other photographers, models, clients, etc. Though, winning awards from international competitions was almost surreal. I know I have a huge marge of improvements (and I’m working hard at improving my work from shoot to shoot), so being recognized after only 2 years of professional experience felt simply awesome.


Cyrielle by Quentin Décaillet

MM: What are the benefits to have a Premium Pro membership on Modelmangement.com? 

QD: Visibility, contacts and easy access to a huge directory of models, makeup artists and other photographers. To me sharing and collaborating with others is very important. So having access to a platform such as Modelmanagement.com is crucial.


Vanessa by Quentin Décaillet

MM: You are a well known photographer worldwide. Could you give aspiring photographers some tips on how to build a successful career?  

QD: Do what you love and specialize. When you specialize in 1-2 genres, you can really work hard at it and improve quickly. Also try to assist and collaborate with other photographers. Sometimes you will learn what do to and other times what not to do. But both are important… knowing what you don’t want to do will help you discover what really matters to you.


Bulle Meow by Quentin Décaillet

MM: On which social media people can view your work?

QD: My work is mostly posted on Facebook and my website/blog! 🙂


An enormous thank you to Quentin Décaillet for this lovely interview! You fell in love with his photography? You want to keep in touch for a future project? Just visit his profilewebsite and follow him on Facebook!

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