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Rayssa Santos: Brazilian model represented by Whilemina, Ford and Louisa Models!

Raised in Brazil, Rayssa started her modeling career at the age of 17. Her face has graced fashion campaigns and has been featured in a music video for Nicky Minaj! Rayssa Santos is represented by some of the best agencies in the world as Wilhelmina Models, Ford Models and Louisa Models. For a few minutes we give you the chance to “be in Rayssa’s shoes”, read on and learn great things that will help you in your future as a model!

Rayssa Santos
Rayssa Santos

Model Management: At what age and how did you become a model? Was it something you planned or it came by chance?
Rayssa Santos: I got scouted at the age of 17, as you can imagine it was something I didn’t plan. It all started with some shootings and small fashion shows; a couple of weeks later I moved to Sao Paulo and after that to NYC, from that time on-wards I’ve traveled the world.




Rayssa Santos / Wilhelmina by Naomi Kaltman


MM: What kind of modeling do you mainly do? What does modeling mean to you?
RS: I do mostly lingerie and beachwear. Modeling gives me a lot of great opportunities and the chance to see the world, plus I get paid for that! I just love to be in front of the camera and love my job!

Rayssa Santos for Lascana
Rayssa Santos for Lascana

MM: You’ve worked for clients such as Lascana, Teaser Magazine and have been featured in Nicky Minaj’s video! How was the experience to be part of such important shoots?
RS: In the end it’s all about the team, they make the shooting special. I’m glad I never had bad experiences and I’ve always worked with wonderful people.

MM: You’ve been featured in magazines, TV commercials, music videos etc. Which one do you like the most and why?
RS: Everything has its own benefits. I love the arty way of doing editorials, the creativity that flows, but also beachwear shootings brings you into really nice spots. I think motion pictures are the most important thing at the moment, because it’s easy and fast.

MM: We’ve heard stories of models who became photographers. Would you like to try any other professionals besides modeling?
RS: I’m so happy with what I do that I haven’t even thought about doing something different. Let’s see what the future brings : )

Rayssa Santos
Rayssa Santos

MM: You work internationally, represented by top modeling agencies such as Whilemina models in Miami, Louisa Models in Hamburg & Munich and Ford Models in Sao Paulo. What steps does a model have to follow in order to be represented by such famous modeling agencies?
RS: I really don’t know if there’s a right way. Be yourself, be authentic and feel confident with what you do. I think your bookers have to believe in you, at this point I also feel lucky because my booker is the best.

MM: You are mainly working as a swimwear and lingerie model, why is that?
RS: I guess because of my Brazilian body : )

Rayssa Santos
Rayssa Santos

MM: Recently you moved from Brazil to Hamburg, how do you think the modeling scene in Brazil differs from the one in Hamburg?
RS: Hamburg is in the center of all markets such as Milan, Paris and London. I also have some great clients here, and Hamburg is a very beautiful and charming location.

MM: Is it important for a model, aspiring or professional, to be present in the main social networks?
RS: I think so; Instagram and Facebook are very important social media channels which are used by lots of models nowadays. Until not long ago both my accounts we’re private, but I think it’s important to show what you do and promote yourself.

Rayssa Santos on Instagram
Rayssa Santos on Instagram

MM: With today’s importance of the internet, do you think a site, such as, can present a useful tool in creating new contacts and increase one’s exposure as a model?
RS: I’m still not an expert on modeling communities such as this one, but I believe in the fact that promoting yourself in platforms where the potential clients are, is the way to improve your modeling career and gain exposure fast.

Rayssa Santos_a
Rayssa Santos

MM: What are the first steps a model should follow in order to start a career and hopefully one day become the successful model you are nowadays?
RS: Believe in yourself, because you are the only person that can change your life.

MM: Could you share with us some of your future plans?
RS: I have some ideas, but I can’t share them yet 😉 but in general I’m looking forward to continue working in beautiful jobs and locations with the most wonderful people in the industry!

Rayssa Santos_f
Rayssa Santos / Wilhelmina by Naomi Kaltman

Thank you for this great Interview Rayssa!

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