See it, want it, buy it!


The current fashion industry model follows a traditional seasonal fashion retail calendar that consists of luxury houses and designer brands presenting two seasonal collections per year, in Milan, Paris, London and New York. The Spring/Summer season is presented in September and Fall/Winter is presented in February, bringing us those much-loved runway shots and street style snaps. However, for the mass market brands, “see now, buy now” is the status quo. You go into a store or browse your favourite e-commerce site you find a great pair of jeans, and drop some cash on them. Maybe you saw them on Instagram or your favourite blogger first, and that led you to the checkout. This is how most of us shop, most of the time and what’s not to love. Saw it, wanted it, bought it!

The Spring/Summer 2017 fashion show season, which took place in September 2016, was the first season to embrace the “see now, buy now” movement. The trend is based on the idea of in-season relevancy and would compel designers to showcase their current season collection and make their new arrivals immediately available for purchase, instead of forcing their buyers to wait six months to shop online or in stores for their favourite pieces.

This new movement focuses on the needs, demands, and expectations of us- the fashion consumers- while the traditional Fashion Week structure tends to favour stylists, editors, and buyers. The latest changes may give clients, especially the ones who interact with their preferred labels on social media, the chance to immediately purchase new arrivals both online and in stores the same day they see them on the catwalk! Yes, you’re reading that right, more and more luxury brands could be offering clothes fresh off the runway!

#TommyNow! The see-now, buy-now collection from Tommy Hilfiger


Rebecca Minkoff, “See now, buy now” collection.

Technology and fashion are moving together to create the perfect shopping experience. Brands have begun to embrace everything from the shop now feature on Instagram to clever, interactive social media campaigns, live streams and the opportunity to order directly from the runway. All these fairly new elements will most likely continue to reshape the structure of Fashion Weeks creating a more direct line of communication between labels and fashion lovers!

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