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When you say Spanish male top models, you are basically saying Andrés Velencoso, Jon Kortajarena and Oriol Elcacho. And although I will tell you all about them of course, I will also focus on three ‘new’ Spanish male top models. Each one has a very good chance of becoming the next rulers of the ‘I was first in line when god was handing out beautiful faces and bodies’ kingdom. Who am I talking about here: Antonio Navas, Miguel Iglesias and Rubén Cortada.

I had the terrible task to make a selection of their pictures, which I base on my personal favorite male poses: face close-up, naked body, suit and lastly: incredible facial and body expressions that make you want to.. (finish this sentence to your own liking). Enough talking, let’s go over to the visuals.

Starting with Andrés Velencoso, the most internationally visible and known face. Since his romance with Kylie Minogue his popularity rose even more, not just in fashion, but now also because of interest in his personal life. With his current campaigns for Zara, H&M and his amazing picture and commercial for Chanel’s Allure fragrance, it’s hard not to come across his face these days. With his sensual look and athletic body, Andrés can get any woman to fall at his feet. Ladies and gentlemen, if the future would enable human cloning, we already have the perfect DNA right here.,,

I know, I know, just think the girl away. Or put yourself in the place of the girl of course. I’m sure that Kylie was very thrilled about this shoot. When I see this kind of shoot I always think the same, what if the guy gets really excited, I mean, for guys it is pretty dificult to hide that..  and then what?? Ok, I’m drinfting off here, moving on!

Even better than a man in suit, a man in suit in action!

Next we have Jon Kortajarena. He started modeling in 2004, but if you look at the diversity and amount of work he has already done you would think he has been doing it ever since he was born. This man from Bilbao represents beauty with excellence, added by a touch of kameleon power. He has done pretty much all the well known campaigns and next to that he also found the time to appear in the most memorable and impacting editorials (think of the 200 page!! special in L’Officiel Hommes). We can thus be sure that in front of us we have the most versatile and all-round model of this time.,,

Imagine you go to the sauna and you find that inside. Exactly.

Oriol Elcacho was born in Barcelona in 1979. He is commonly referred to as ‘the lord’. Even with his 30 years, he still gives me the impression of the youthful wealthy student who plays polo and hockey and is a member of a sorority. His particular type of face and the semi-long wavy hair that is also good for putting it slickly to the back makes him the perfect Ralph Lauren type of model. But this ‘lord’ has much more to him than just this certain look. Oriol’s sophisticated appearance with his baby blue eyes can be traded in any time for a Greek adonis that can tempt anyone.,,

Of all his projects, he is probably best known as the face of Bvlgari‘s AQVA fragrance that you can see in the picture below.,,

Here you can see what happens when you put all three of them in a picture. Success guaranteed.,,,,

Now on to the new guys. Why do i think that these three will be the next top? They are walking the same shows as the previous three, they get booked by the same companies, they already did campaigns for major fashion brands and I bet you that it is just a matter of time before we will see them as the face of the newest fragrances, opening and closing the important fashion shows and covering billboards all over town. And if you look at the following photos, that makes perfect sense!

Antonio Navas is only 20 years old, he started modeling less than two years ago but has already done campaigns for Dsquared2 and Dolce&Gabbana. One look into his light brown eyes will make you fall in love with him instantly. His fierce facial expressions and perfect cheekbones make all his photos mesmerizing.  Ever since he set foot in the modeling world, it has been a upgoing line of catwalk shows, campaigns and editorials. With shows like Armani, Dolce&Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and Jean Paul Gaultier, and having done the last three Zara seasonal lookbooks,  he is very likely to follow in the footsteps of Andrés Velencoso.,,

Just look at the perfect bodies that these men have. Not so emo slim as you see on the catwalks nowadays as well, but also not body-builder big that makes guys walk funny because they are too muscular to walk normal.,,

Miguel Iglesias impresses everybody who lays eyes on him. Yes, including men. With great self-confidence and a 25-pack on his stomach that looks like it has been handmade by Michelangelo himself, Miguel has an amazing catwalk history in Milan and New York, working repeatedly for Dolce&Gabbana, Armani, Tommy Hilfiger and so on.

He has the word ‘desire’ written all over him.,,

Don’t be angry that the picture stops there. Always leave a little room for your imagination.

Lastly we have our “adopted” beauty Rubén Cortada. This originally Cuban model came to Spain some years ago, where his modeling carreer really took off. With his hypnotic eyes and a tanned body that many can only wish for, he has been a pleasure for every photographer he has worked with. With campaigns for Roberto Verino and Guess on his name, it will only take one last push to get him at the top.,,

The look with the millimeter hair gives him an extra bit of intensity that is set to intrigue.,,

I just had the best idea since the invention of photoshop/hair straighteners (ok..I’m not saying that it will be pure brilliance, but still). What if there would be a male Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Imagine that! Now wipe the drool off your face and imagine it again! Instead of the feathers and the wings that women have, the men can be transformed into cavemen (dirty bodies + fur!), vikings, firemen, Greek gods, I could continue this list forever. So Victoria, please call me to go over the details. One thing is sure, the above mentioned models should all be featured in this grand event as the top of the show. They will be the male version of the famous ‘Angels’: the Victoria’s Secret ‘Gods’. If you have any suggestions of male models that you would like to see in this show, mention them in your comments!

Watch the Carlo Pignatelli Outside spring/summer 2010 Milan show here, where five of them appear (Andrés was missing).

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