Step by step make-up tutorial with professional Make-up artist Kristiana Zaula


Ask a model is a tutorial where team will help you boost your modelling career by trying to answer important questions regarding modeling jobs.

In this video, Kristiana will help you to find out about Model’s Makeup techniques that can be used on a photo shoot, on a casting day or if you go to an interview with a potential client. Watch behind the scenes of a model’s photo shoot with professional model Helena von Estorff, Fashion Photographer Jordi Blancafort and expert Hair and Make-up Artist Kristiana Zaula who will share all the secrets you need to know!

Interview with a makeup artsist Kristiana.

ModelManagement: How long have you been a make-up artist and how did you start your career?
Kristiana: I grew up in Latvia and after finishing Design and Art School in Riga, I did a Diploma in Make-up Artistry. I was 18 at the time and I decided to move to fashion capital London to pursue my make-up artistry, build my portfolio and gain experience working directly with photographers, stylists and new talents. Building a contact circle and people you click with is the key. I have been a make-up artist for nearly 7 years now and since I’ve been working between both Barcelona and London, I have a very international clientele. My job is very diverse, rewarding and never dull.

Hair + Make Up: Kristiana Zaula

ModelManagement: How would you describe your make-up style?
Kristiana: Since I´m coming from an art and design background, my favourite styles are avant-garde and artistic, these type of projects are truly my passion. But overall I would say my style is very diverse. I can easily adjust to client´s demands, depending on what type of job it is. Either if it´s advertising, fashion or video, in my opinion, it´s very useful to be versatile.

Portrait of Make-Up artist Kristiana Zaula

ModelManagaement: You have your own YouTube channel and Instagram page where you post make-up tutorials. Do you think it is important for professionals from this industry to be present online in order to reach out to their customers?
Kristiana: Ultimately it´s up to the artist if they want or need an online presence. Social media for me definitely has helped boost my career and reach more clients, fans, and industry professionals. Even more so I get inspired by other artists and I love how easy it is to interact with them. I´m very thankful for all the opportunities that have come my way.

Hair + Make Up: Kristiana Zaula

ModelManagement: What are your favourite products when you do make-up for Fashion and Beauty Shootings?
Kristiana: Definitely skincare products, it´s important to be prepared to handle all skin types and textures. Good skin is the key of any make-up application. From models standpoint, they need to have a good skincare regime outside shootings as well, and those who take good care, definitely make my job easier.

Hair + Make Up: Kristiana Zaula

ModelManagement: Any tips on how models can achieve “a model make-up” on their own?
Kristiana: Less is more. Models are already beautiful, they get booked in this industry because of their unique and natural appearance so I suggest to enhance their natural beauty by applying minimal makeup.

Thank you Kristiana for this incredible interview and useful make-up tips!