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Supermodel Winnie Harlow lands cameo in Beyoncé’s visual album Lemonade

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week you will be fully aware that Beyoncé launched her new album Lemonade. The main question everyone is asking- did Jay-Z really cheat on Queen B? Or is this just a clever marketing tool used to build up a controversial hype over her new album? I guess that is something you will have to decide for yourself. Bey’s intense lyrics and epic one-hour visual album spawned fan’s theories and ‘broke the internet’ (with more talent than Kim K) making it the current global goss for weeks- I’m guessing.

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Beyoncé’s visual album includes videos of all 12 tracks and feature appearances from Serena Williams, and Zendaya as well as husband Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy. Whilst also collaborations with The Weekend and Kendrick Lamar… no wonder there’s so much scandal! However, one face who has really grabbed‘s attention is Canadian model, Winnie Harlow. Winnie has a rare skin condition called vitiligo- which has revolutionized catwalk beauty standards- and was personally contacted by Beyoncé’s team to fly over to New Orleans and shoot footage for Lemonade. With just two days’ notice the America’s Next Top Model (cycle 21) star jumped on a NOLA bound flight to film the dynamic music video for the track Freedom. Winnie Harlow was amongst Beyoncé’s squad of empowering black women including singer Zendaya and actress Amandla Stenberg.

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Winnie was diagnosed with the rare skin disease vitiligo at just four years old and left school at age sixteen due to severe bullying… but her condition certainly did not stop her from building a successful career in modeling. Beyoncé’s visual album features numerous black women who have been targeted at some point in their lives due to their skin-color and race. Bey’s collaboration with these women undoubtedly screams her message of women empowerment and this message is also outlined in the lyrics of many tracks including Formation and Freedom.

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“It was an honor for everyone who was cast for this video, just knowing that Beyoncé views us as a strong woman in our field, it’s an honor,” said Winnie Harlow.

As well as describing her casting in Lemonade as an ‘honor’ Winnie also shared her admirable memories of working with Beyoncé, who was so ‘humble’ and thankful towards her. The world knows Beyoncé is one hard working woman and queen of music, but during the entire production of her album, Bey brought out her ‘perfectionist’ side and ensured every detail of Lemonade was flawless.


In terms of creating a successful modeling career, Winnie Harlow does not want her skin to define her. She explains that many people say her skin condition is the reason she has made such an extraordinary career in modeling. However, Winnie arguably states, ‘my modeling career is about hard work.’ She goes on to explain that she is not the only person suffering from vitiligo and pushing the boundaries and working hard will get you exactly where you want to be- now that is some great modeling advice!


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