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Swann International Agency | more than just an agency, a family!

Clara Swann used to be a model when she was younger. Now, as a mother of two children, she decided to put her 15 years of experience in the modeling industry into her own agency: Swann International Agency, created in Tuscany in July 2016.
She decided to put her charisma into that agency and create a “family atmosphere” around it!


ModelManagement: When and how was Swann International Agency founded?
Swann International Agency: Swann International Agency was founded in July 2016 by me: Clara Swann. I used to be a model.
I did all by myself, at the beginning I was scared because there are a lot of fashion agencies in Italy and all around the world, but I’m competitive and I like challenges so…
I was born in Cameroon and I grew up in France. After having my second child, I took a break and I decided to put my knowledge and my professionalism in what I like: Fashion.
I have 2 main passions: fashion and music. You can’t imagine how much I love fashion and music; you know what? I’m also the owner of the new Label Swann Music. I just want to do the things I love, time flies and I don’t want to waste mine.


MM: How many models do you represent? Which are the most successful ones so far?
SIA: I have more or less 40 models. I wanted to create a small agency, I don’t want to represent too many models, I want it to be considered a family agency and be there for them 24/7. Having 1000 models doesn’t mean you are a better agency, that’s my opinion.
Which are the most successful? They all are successful and beautiful (laugh), but if I really have to say names I’ll say Alex V, Artùr, Yana, Moh, Marie, Olivia… I’m very proud of them, I just want to say the name of all my models (laugh), they are all so special because I’m not looking for beauty, I’m looking for a « je ne sais quoi » who makes the difference!


MM: What are you looking for in someone to be represented by you?
SIA: As I said before, being beautiful for me means nothing if you are insipid… I’m looking for a « je ne sais quoi» , I can’t really explain, I am very demanding! You have to please me and I can tell you that’s very easy.


MM: Which things do you take in consideration when contracting new models?
SIA: Small details, nails, hair, teeth, the way you talk, it’s not enough to be tall and thin, you have to take care of yourself. You must be respectful with your body and of course with the others. For example, if you are a new model and you want to work with me and you come to my office careless and with a chewing gum in your mouth, it’s not a good beginning at all…


MM: What can models expect from your agency?
SIA: All that we have to offer! I’ll do everything for my models, I just don’t want to explain but, they know that I’ll do my best for them, I want them to be proud of working for Swann International Agency, and I work so so hard make this agency one of the very best in Italy and maybe in the world (laugh) who knows?

MM: How is your agency different from others?
SIA: We are a small agency, we are family, we are so close to our models and it’s important for us!


MM: You are a Premium Pro member on, what are the benefits that you get from it?
Premium Pro is very very useful. At the beginning I was not convinced, but then I realized you have a bunch of advantages when you’re a Premium member. It’s very good for my business. This is why I’d recommend it to everyone who wants to expand their business.

MM: Any advice to models who are too shy to start a career?
SIA: I would say if you are too shy, forget about being a model, you have to be a warrior there’s too much competition.

MM: Any future plans you can share with us?
SIA: I have too much plans, it will take days to share every single things I have in mind (laugh).

Visit Swann International Agency’s profile and website.

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