Top model Tatiana Marinescu talks to us about modelling, acting, blogging and the importance of being social!


Model: Tatiana Marinescu

A few days ago I had the chance to interview Tatiana Marinescu, an incredible professional model, actress, writer and blogger! That gave me the opportunity to discover several aspects of her and how she started in the modeling industry, the importance of Social Media for her career and how she turned out to be such a well known international model. Tatiana’s a person who cares immensely about her profession, an incredibly talented and flexible model who wants to keep it real in front and behind of the camera and stay close to her fans.

Tatiana shares with us her very helpful tips that could help you with your modeling career and maybe one day you will have the chance to work for top brands like she is doing right now!

Milano Photo Session, Model: Tatiana Marinescu

Model: Tatiana Marinescu You are really active in social media, having your own website, blog, Facebook page, Instagram and twitter account must be very rewarding; how did social media help you in your model career?

Tatiana Marinescu: It is actually very rewarding. First of all, before talking about the professional advantages of being very active online, I would like to talk a bit about the personal aspects. I got the chance to be much closer to my fans, to meet some amazing people, to be surrounded by the warmth of some very special souls that I would not have met otherwise.

As for my career, I have to admit that being present and active online helped me gain more awareness in Romania. I worked in Turkey for a very long time and people here in Romania did not know me that well. Having a site, blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts have contributed to my career in modeling in a very impressive way: I received numerous work proposals; I guess the fact that being there, online, one message away from everyone, made it easier and much more attractive for brands, agencies and producers to contact me. I even got a lead for a movie in Turkey, so I can say that my activity online has made me much more accessible.

MAXIM Magazine Turkey, Model: Tatiana Marinescu

In the digital age it’s difficult to make a difference among the rest in terms of Social Networks. How have you managed to market yourself in such a unique way? 

I believe I was very lucky to get the chance to work alongside a great team, and I’m referring to Kondiment, which is a team of great online marketing people. They are the ones responsible for my website and for initiating me in the online frenzy. Right now, I can say my online image is a mix of their strategy, marketing and tech abilities and my own personal style.

Online, I am still the same person as I am in real life; and I was very firm about keeping it that way and about myself being the one behind the screen. I believe that staying true to yourself is the key in being successful – even more so in a domain such as fashion and modeling that is full of artificial and temptations. The people at Kondiment I worked with shared this vision and helped me translate this into creating my online presence. I learned a lot from them and I am grateful for having met amazing people along the way.

Guneş Kazal Photo Session, Model: Tatiana Marinescu

In your opinion is social media a tool all models should use?

Yes, I think they should. It is a great opportunity as far as career goes. You are more visible, you are out there, and people see you, notice you, think about you, remember you. But I strongly advise models to work with professionals. Social Media is harsh, is quick, and is unforgiving – you have to be well prepared in order to be online, as a model. Your image has to be spotless. This is why I advise everyone to turn to professional help in order to be as well represented as they can be. And never stop until you find that particular company that shares your vision and ideas and that can provide you a true public image.

Koray Erkaya Photo Session, Model: Tatiana Marinescu

How did you get your start as a model in Romania?

When I realized that being a model is what I wanted to do for a living, I started spending a lot of time going to castings and photo shootings. But doing it alone was hard – I had the immense luck to be discovered by a Romanian famous fashion photographer, Doru Amariucai, who introduced me to a professional Romanian Modeling agency. This was the start of a very beautiful career for me.

Guneş Kazal Photo Session, Model: Tatiana Marinescu

How difficult was it to go from starting as a model in Romania to working as a model internationally?

In a way, it was amazing: I started to travel, my horizons expanded, I met amazing people who became my friends or my business partners. I also started to make my own money doing something that I loved, so I felt blessed and appreciated for having the chance to not only know what I wanted to do in life, but actually be doing it as a living.

In another way, it was also a bit sad: I missed my family and friends, my home, my apple tree in my back yard – those small things that make you feel at home.

But I do not regret choosing this road. My experiences helped me make the difference between good and bad, between wonderful people and people I should stay away from.

Being an international model, blogger and actress your weeks must be really busy, can you tell us how is a normal day in Tatiana’s life?

Well, there are some things I do daily: reading (I try to wake up at 6 every morning to read, since it’s one of my biggest passions), diction exercises (I do tongue-twisters) and of course I work out. Sport is a very important aspect of my life; it helps me feel balanced – and of course it helps me stay in shape.

The rest of the time, I like to go out with my friends, to catch up on my sleep, to blog and to watch movies. My normal days are… pretty normal. Maybe I should also mention that I am addicted to my iPhone and iPad, since they occupy a lot of my time for socializing and researchJ.

Stephan Pelger, Model: Tatiana Marinescu

You have shot advertising campaigns with Coca-cola, L’Oreal and Schwarzkopf and been the cover image of Magazines such as ELLE, Cosmopolitan or GQ. How did you achieve to work with such top clients?

After years of doing a very good work, it is only natural to work with top clients. It is not only what every model aspires to do, but it is a normal evolution of your career. I believe that, if you work hard, if you love your job and if you remain true to who you are, you are sure to succeed. Also, in this job, connections are very important – you get to meet a lot of people and you have to grow business relations so that you have more and more working opportunities, you are more and more visible and so on.

BeWhere! Magazine, Model: Tatiana Marinescu

After all you’ve experienced and learned professionally and personally as a model, blogger, actress etc., have you thought about writing a book on all those experiences to share with other models?

I was thinking of writing a book for a much longer time – actually since I attended journalism classes in University. Actually, my blog helps me a lot. I write there all my thoughts and experiences and I even started to publicize my poetry. I have an idea in mind for a book – it’s “cooking” right now.

Beauty Campaign, Model: Tatiana Marinescu

Being so involved in Social Media and knowing about the importance of internet, what’s your opinion about, do you feel it’s important to find new online contacts and increase one’s exposure as a model both local and international markets?

I believe that is a great opportunity for aspiring models. If this site was around when I first started thinking about modeling, I think it would have helped me a lot. This is an amazing way of getting known and starting a career, not to mention that it is helping young models start an international career much easier than it would be for them in the absence of online means of communication. It’s definitely a gate opener.

[email protected] Style Catalogue, Model: Tatiana Marinescu

I also like the fact that is very well structured, that it is easy to find castings, to find photographers – and I specifically like the fact that you can also get modeling jobs for particular types of jobs as well: plus sized models, seniors… I’m completing it right now and I was very satisfied by all its options. Of course, a natural action was to search for my model friends and photographers I have worked with to see if they are already here. Some of them weren’t, but I’m letting them now J.

Oltin Dogaru Photo Session, Model: Tatiana Marinescu

What has been the most exciting moment in your modeling career until now?

I was blessed with many wonderful moments in my career and I am thankful for them. But to this day, the most exciting moment of my career happened many years ago, in an autumn day, when a photographer met a young girl and told her that her dreams are about to come true, unveiling a world of possibilities for her. Up until now, this is my most precious memory.

Stephan Pelger, Model: Tatiana Marinescu

Which of all your modeling shots is your favorite and why?

All the modeling shots I was a part of are like my babies – I treasure every one of them. Every project was different, every project helped me learn important lessons and meet great people. So I cannot choose only one and I hold each of them very close to my heart. Maybe you should tell me which one of my shootings is your favorite

Lightaholic shooting, Model: Tatiana Marinescu

Romania seems to have a lot of great model talent. Could you give some advice to those aspiring models in Romania that are trying to find their place in the modeling world?

Well, I don’t like to give advice to people. We all tend to act differently in similar situations and it is only normal that we do so. All I can say to them is to follow their hearts and to trust their instincts. Nothing is impossible, even if everyone tells you so. Sometimes they will face difficult times, it will be hard, it will be stormy, but they should never forget that the sun will shine in the lives of those who believe and fight for their dreams. The opportunity is out there and your dream is yours, as long as you work hard, tie relationships and promote yourself.

Lullaby Campaign, Model: Tatiana Marinescu

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If this interview has caught your attention, then you have much more to read and see! Keep an eye on Tatiana, maybe one day you will see her book on bookstore shelves! Until then take a look at her Website, Facebook, twitter and Instagram  pages!



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