The art of one-tone dressing


It’s not a crime to dress head-to-toe in one color, you can do it…you just got to know how to do it right. Quite frankly one-tone dressing is an art and when pulled off well you can look chic, hot and sophisticated. People really will stare and ask themselves, “how can’t I dress like that?” It’s true, because we all do it on a daily basis as we scroll through our Instagram feed’s and question why we don’t own garments like the ones in Gigi Hadid‘s wardrobe (or her looks). loves scrolling through our Model Style page to look at our user’s trendy looks. But, fear no more with one-tone dressing, own it and share yours on Model Style. Here are some of our one-hue fashion favies that could give you a little inspiration!

Starting with Blake Lively dressed head-to-toe in ‘peachy-beige’. Her beaut dress has a subtle pattern which helps break-up the outfit making her one-tone look, seem a little less dramatic.

Blake L


Dressing head-to-toe in a bold tone can be tricky as it’s a MUST you ensure your ensemble is kept simple with plain accessories. Bold one-tone outfits look amazing and can really make a statement especially with a pair of lush heels to finish off the look.


How about a smart-cas look that’s more appropriate for the office? These grey-tone comfies do just the job and the subtle hints of hot-pink electrify the outfit making it ‘a little more out there.’

Grey tone

Super model Cara Delevinge aka the face of Burberry (and endless other fashion designers) rocks an all-in-white ensemble. White is such a delicate color and perfect for outlining an elegant taste in fashion, which is why it makes such a heavenly one-hue masterpiece.

Cara D1

On the contrary wearing nothing but black can look just as elegant and sophisticated. Mixing up clothing textures can take away the harshness of black-on-black for example combining fur and leather can add a nice twist to an outfit.


Current fashion queen, Gigi Hadid is dressed head-to-toe in peachy colors, even her shades fit-in with the color scheme. If one-tone dressing gives you anxiety start with soft hues that are subtle to create a lavish look.



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