The fine art of Networking


In, we know that networking is an important aspect in all kinds of jobs or industries and such an art is completely essential for a model. That’s why we want to offer our members the best contacts in the industry.

A good network means more opportunities! The size and the quality of it will completely influence your career. As an example, a caster is looking for a model but is hesitating between someone he knows personally and someone he never met.

Basically, the principle of networking is to be helpful to people before they can be helpful to you. However, sharing few words with someone is not enough; a network has to be built on trust and maintained throughout your career. It is the best way to find castings and jobs in the modeling world, but it is also an opportunity to be offered a new career after modeling.

Few ideas of career transitions for high fashion models.


Source: Esee Model

Break the Ice

Don’t wait for others to come to you. Be the one to make them remember about you.

Start the conversation, be curious about them and their interests and always offer your help. Don’t forget to listen to them and show them you want to be helpful so that they can remember you as someone they can count on.It is also really good for your reputation to give such a good first impression.

Helping each other is the core of networking. If you have a project in mind too, don’t hesitate to talk about it, someone around you might be willing to help you.

Always have your contact information ready to be handed out (business card, comp card -essential for models).

Also remember the people you met, add them to your contact list (or wherever you keep them) with as many information as you can to be sure to find their contact again when needed.

Alex Mildner

Alex Mildner, from Attitude Models.

Know your network and maintain it

The quality of your network doesn’t only depend on the amount of people that are part of it. It will always be more useful to know 20 people from diverse parts of the industry who will call you if they have an offer, rather than 100 people who won’t remember your name. You cannot just collect hundreds of numbers, you need to build a relationship behind it.

Of course, if you can manage to have good relations with all those 100 people, go ahead and keep up the good work!

This doesn’t mean that you should be a close friend with everyone forming your network. Just remind them from time to time that you are here if they need you, and vice versa. You can do so by simply sending greetings, messages on special occasions, congratulations about their latest project, etc.

Nowadays, social media are making it easier to stay in touch with your network. But always be careful with what you share. Always prefer having professional contacts on Linkedin rather than only Facebook.

Rossinny Stapelton

Rossinny Stapelton, Premium on

Improve your network

Don’t keep your contacts selfishly for your own, this is a really bad idea if you want to get the best out of it.
Be the connector, if two people in your network have a common project or interest that they don’t know about, introduce them, they could be really thankful for this and you would be the first on their mind to collaborate with if this project goes further.

Build up trust in your network, when you promise something to someone… keep it. If not, you could lose the trust of a member of your network and therefore all the potential members he has in his own.

You would like them to do the same for you, this is the best way to improve connections and get more opportunities.

PS: Student casting initiative is good for your network!


Student Casting Initiative

Help a student to realize its project! Who knows, you could be helping the next biggest fashion designer.

In any case, participating to this initiative will make you meet the future actors of the fashion world (from Fashion & Design, Fashion, Photography, Art and Design). They will definitely remember the model who helped them when they were students. And that’s the magic of networking!

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