The Making of the Model Hunter Video – Going Behind the Scenes


The Model Hunter competition is a very cool contest created by, where the idea is to reward and motivate people that can recognize model beauty!

Modelhunter is a way for you to let us know how good you are at spotting model potential. You can enter the ModelHunter contest by clicking here, but there was also some model hunting of our own that took place when our ModelManagementTV crew shot the video for this new contest.

The video Director was on the look out for great looking models from Barcelona, which was the chosen location for the cool video promo. Take a look at the video below:

The Director  Anna, who is also a model, knew exactly the type of cast she wanted. She explained: “They must be fresh, young and not realise that they have the potential to model until one of our modelhunter’s approaches!”

The two cool aspiring models who were chosen were Narine Kagramanyan and Antonio Imedio. For the Model Hunters, Anna wanted models who were very self confident and knew what they wanted!  She found that in models George Cosmin Marin and Cynthia Corona. All these models were highly professional and showed true talent as they acted perfectly their roles (acting is often a very useful part of any models repertoire).

Director: Anna with Models: Antonio, George, Narine, Cynthia, Production: Sandra Vargas Chavez

The Model Hunter video was shot on a chilly, but sunny morning on the famous Las Ramblas, one of the central streets of Barcelona city. What seemed to be a normal shoot day in Barcelona, turned out to be quite an exciting day in Barcelona as even passers by wanted to appear in the video. The model’s were turning heads as it seemed to be that everyone wanted to start model hunting!

Model: Nariné Kagramanyan

Anna explains to the models the upcoming shot

Models Cynthia, Nariné and George with Production assistant Sandra

Director: Anna with Models: Antonio, George, Narine, Cynthia, Production: Sandra Vargas Chavez

After a great day of shooting the Model Hunter video, these versatile  models got some time to relax and they spent the rest of the afternoon together enjoying the city.

We hope you liked the video and you can participate in our competition. Remember if you can spot a model walking on the streets, or you have friends on Facebook that can be a models, this is your opportunity to be a Model Hunter and recommend them! You and the model could win an amazing 2 day trip to Barcelona and the chosen model hunter could win a Canon EOS 60D camera, the same camera that this video was filmed on!

So don’t miss out on this great opportunity if you love beauty!!

If you liked the models in the video why don’t you contact them through by signing in and visiting their profile:

Profile links of the models:

Nariné Kagramanyan

Antonio Imedio

George Cosmin Marin

Cynthia Corona