Alex Treutel: the real model life of an engineering student and international model


Alex Treutel is a 28 years old professional model from Argentina who has conquered the modeling business, not only in his home town (Buenos Aires), but all over the world. Alex has walked some of the most important catwalks and has been featured in campaigns for clients such as Dunhill, Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, Dior between many others. Working between Paris and New York fashion week and travelling around the world, he still finds some time to concentrate in his electrical engineering studies. That’s what I call a tough guy, who in spite of his success he always stayed down to earth. In the following interview you will learn some insights into his life and his experience in the business.


Alex Treutel – Colbert

Model Management: Did you always want to be a model? How and when did it happen?

Alex Treutel: No. Being a model was never on my list of things to do in life. I actually refused to be a model, I was asked to do modeling three times at different places before I gave it a try. As an engineering student I like the activity as a contrast to my rational mind.

MM: What does it mean to you to be a model?

AT: For me there are different kinds of models. There are the professionals which only do modeling, they care pretty much about their appearance and work out and others that don’t give a shit and just do it while they get payed. The way I prefer and choose is to use my free time to do something else. Those days that you have no modeling jobs can be quite boring, that’s why I keep studying and reading things which nurture me.


Alex Treutel – Prada

MM: You’re from Argentina, yet you don`t have the typical Argentinian appearance; has this benefited you in your modeling career?

AT: Not so much. I think it has more to do with other personal aspects. Of course somebody outstanding in a place is more likely to get some jobs than others. It happened in Argentina, but as the important clients are in Europe mostly (also in other places), I got a lot of competition there. Here we have a few clients, so it’s not a big deal to have a European face.


Alex Treutel – Valentino Man


MM: You’ve already worked for different international top labels, like Dior, Valentino or Roberto Cavalli, how does it feel to represent such famous brands and do you like being in the spotlight?

AT: I’m not that super cool guy which loves to have the paparazzi in the face. I enjoy to do the shows, travel and have fun. Sometimes I prefer listening to the brand’s president speaking to international sellers than doing the show. Its also so superficial. One day you are on the Dior show, the other you are cooking something at your place. Its important to “keep your feet on the floor”, as we say in Argentina.


Alex Treutel – Robert Geller

MM: Did anything change between you and your friends and family since you started modeling? What do they think about your job, are they supportive?

AT: My brothers are happy for me. My father doesn’t know…. at least I have never told him. Maybe he already found out I do this job. For him, the only job is to work with him in his company, other activities are hobbies or whatever. With my friends nothing changed, I met a lot of new friends but i still stay in touch with the old ones. Why should something change?


Alex Treutel – Roberto Cavalli

MM: Do you prefer modeling on the catwalk or for photo shoots?

AT: There are a lot of different jobs. I had a great time doing catwalks and also very bad ones, the same with photo-shoots. You can get a photo shoot with some friends at the beach which is real fun. There are also jobs where you stay in a closed studio and don’t see natural light for days doing a look-books or fittings. Those days you want to tide up the cravat until you see the white light.



Alex Treutel – John Varvatos

MM: What was the most exciting, interesting or maybe strange experience you’ve had during an assignment?

AT: As the client didn’t have the right size of pants for me I almost lost them on the catwalk. I had to put a hand in the pocket to hold it. I started to smile immediately and couldn’t stop.

MM: What benefits do you see for models who are part of our international modeling community

AT: They are seen more by clients, so they get better modeling jobs.


Alex Treutel – Dior

MM: What are your plans for the future and is there one designer, photographer or brand that you would love to work with?

AT: Yes! Since I was to young for the Gucci show I’ve always wanted to do something for that brand, I hope someday will happen. Its the only brand i really want to work for. As plans for the future I want to be a model but also an electrical designer in my free time. I want to make a better place of this world giving the people clean energy instead of the dirty energies we use today.


Alex Treutel


Thank you for the great interview Alex. Best wishes for the future and especially good luck finalizing your studies.

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