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The secret behind Jeeo’s editorial shoot

Author: Joanna Sarbinowska

I’m the fashion designer behind the brand Jeeo. For the past months I’ve had an idea in mind, I wanted to find the way how to show the diversity of beauty through my clothes – “We are different = We are the same”. Having an idea can be quite easy, the difficult part is finding the way to transmit that idea for others to understand. As a fashion designer I know exactly how my garments should look like, what was I missing? The perfect female models and professional photographer who could help me transmit that idea to the fashion industry. Thanks to I had the chance to cast three amazing models, even one of them came to Barcelona from Bilbao, which is 600 kilometers from here! Can you believe that? They also helped me find a photographer, Isaac M. Alcázar, i shared with him the concept and everything went the direction I exactly wanted!

Isaac Medina Alcázar

If it weren’t for my friends I would have never heard about and all the opportunities this community gives to the modeling industry! I must say I’ve had some bad experiences in the past with other modeling platforms which weren’t what I expected at first. But iin this case the “word of mouth” helped, hearing about a website through someone you know always sounds “safer”, so I decided to give it a try… and guess what? Thank God I did! I want to thank Klaudia and Bojan who helped me with the online casting for Jeeo and took care of everything during the process. You guys are great!

Isaac Medina Alcázar for Jeeo


Just a few days after the casting was online, I got a long list of nice models who fit the requirements I was looking for. As I had already shared my concept with the photographer Isaac M. Alcazár, he helped me select the best candidates from the final selection. Having professional photographer with experience on working with models was a key in this case, he had a clear idea of which models were the right ones for this shoot.

Isaac Medina Alcázar

As you know, communication is crucial. And taken into consideration the fact that each of us was from a different city I knew it would be quite a challenge. For example, Laura Goiko had the longest way to cover. She came to Barcelona from Bilbao, which is 600 kilometers from here! Can you believe that? I was over the moon when she confirmed! Charlotte had quite a long distance too, 50 kilometers!

Isaac Medina Alcázar for Jeeo

Isaac Medina Alcázar

This was a really long day for all of us! Hundreds of kilometers, hours of preparation, plenty of stuff to carry, etc. Everything was so exciting! Even I got an amaging surprise, a friend of the photographer offered to do a making-off video from the photo shoot!

Great! – I thought. -The more creative minds, the merrier! The result exceeded our expectations! Thank you Mariona Ferriz & Cesc Maymó for your professional work!

JEEO Shooting – Making Of from Cesc Maymó on Vimeo.

While walking on the street I love to observe people, and specially women because regardless their origin they have the courage to show off and feel proud of themselves. And it doesn’t have to do with beauty, it’s beyond that. While creating the mood-board for the shooting I thought about a group of friends that understand each other very well, but still remain different and respect their own values.

Isaac Medina Alcázar

Different is always attractive. That’s why I wanted to keep the photo shoot as diverse as possible, but still coherent, and with a lot of joy and energy in mind, because this is all about Jeeo. Everyone who participated in the Jeeo photo shoot did so in accordance to the TFP agreement.

Brand: Jeeo

Photographer: Isaac M. Alcázar

Make-up artists: Katia Vila

Videographers: Cesc MaymóMariona Ferriz

Model: Charlotte Conesa

Model: Tanita Ribola

Model: Laura Goiko

If you feel identified with my story make sure to contact the team and as they can support you with your next shoot, they’ve helped aspiring and professional photographers, fashion designers and models find jobs, you should be the next one!

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