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Modeling industry standards have drastically changed! Just a few years ago it was almost impossible to see models with visible tattoos on runway shows, campaigns or high fashion editorials. Our modeling community loves tattooed models and we are thrilled they became a trend! I’m sure you’ve seen tattoo models wearing your favorite brands, featured in music videos and fashion campaigns, so we thought you’d like to hear the stories of some of the coolest tattoo models in our community!

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Serj Voron is a Russian male model who became very popular thanks to his beautiful tattoos. “It’s strange to have tattoos for the people who have been born in the Soviet Union. It means that you are or were a prisoner. The tattoo modeling business and photo industry is developing really fast in Russia but it is still not the same as in European countries” This is why his photo shoots are all taken in Europe.



Serj started decorating his body at age 14 as he wanted to be different from the rest, he thinks it´s important that we each have our own characteristics & exclusive style. His first tattoo was done by his friend on his shoulder but he remade it. His tattoos used to be really colorful but now he prefers the black & white style because it looks more realistic. As he says “I have many tattoos on me and I will have more in the future.

“I have a Lucifer tattoo symbolizing that every person is good and evil. It took about 120 hours to finish the tattoo completely”. The tattoo on his chest symbolizes Medusa of Gorgon which means that female beauty is murderous. Serj has a quill on his face which is connected to his surname. Also, there is a moth at the back of his head, a skull, a candle and a raven on his neck and another raven with a key on his hand!

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Alyssa White is a model from the United States who has been published in multiple magazines. She also worked as a promo model at car & tattoo conventions. She got her first tattoo when she was 18. She didn’t put much thought in what she wanted. “A friend of mine already had quite a few and took me to their artist to get, what many would call, a ´´tramp stamp´´, on my lower back´. It was a zodiac sign (Gemini). After a few years I realized it wasn’t the best and eventually I got my first cover-up.

This was the introduction to her body of roses.I had a co-worker who had some beautiful tattoos and so I asked her about where she got them and she referred me to her friend“. Roses are not only her favorite flower, but also her birth flower so they have special significance to her.  It started with the first cover-up, but she wanted to feel covered in them. And so her back piece was created! She eventually plans to add more to it but at the time being, it stands as a wall of roses.


Now I’ll be honest, I actually don´t remember which tattoo came next, like truly, I could be telling my whole tattoo story out of order. But I have a tattoo story behind that too! My infamous monster on my left side!“. And so the story continues. That piece was started by some random guy at a shop her friend took her to. Alyssa’s friend wanted a large tattoo and didn’t want to get tatted alone and so on a whim, Alyssa picked something out that she liked, tweaked it a bit, and the demon was created! “It’s a strong piece for me though due to the fact that I was at a very low, dark point in my life” she explains. “I was into drugs, and other wild things and looking at the drawing at the time, it fit perfectly with how I felt about myself. I too felt a lil demonic (sexy, but ungodly none the less). When I came to, in later years, I eventually transitioned the she devil piece into a Greek monster named Echidna. My plan now is to eventually get a full leg sleeve with multiple Greek monsters since it’s a fun lil obsession of mine!”

Alyssa has Proverb 23:4. and this is one of her favorite pieces because it´s a constant reminder that He is with her. She decorated it with more flowers which she loves a lot. They connect from her back and grow down her thigh. It represents growth and beauty that had entered her life just like her chest piece. This sternum on her chest shows the darker point in her life dying and then it grows into her life as a mother and a strong beautiful woman. Her children saved her life and keep her focused.

Her recent sleeve on her right arm represent the birth flowers of her children and the rest is a small collection of pieces that she felt represented her Native American culture and also a couple of spirit animals.

´My collection of tattoos is far from complete and I know I will have so many more stories to tell in the future. I plan on starting on either my leg sleeve or my other arm´


Jhoey Chinalder is a model from Brasil and he is very involved with visual art, body language (dance) and poetry. Tattoos are the mirrors of his personality and the image of unusual beauty. His body is his art because each tattoo has a very strong meaning. “Blue roses represent my biggest reference ´´Jesus Christ´´, he was known as the Rose of Sharon” Jhoey explains.


He also loves skulls. “It symbolizes equality, when the creator is watching us it makes no distinction of color, race or social class. The tattoo of the bleeding watch is a metaphor of time, time that enslaves us!



Being tattooed has to be natural and not a trend! Those are the words of the Spanish model Juan Milan. Everything he has on his body is part of him. Success, fun, universe, art, basque, girls, travels, culture, family, protection, it represents him..´”Basically, At the end of my life I want to be able to see everything I went through, which can be good memories and bad ones. Life can’t be always good for you and being in pain helped me grow“.


The first tattoo I got is the little heart on the right arm with “gray” written and I´ll always remember and love it because I am a big fan of Oscar Wilde and his book called “picture of Dorian gray” is a such a great one!! I have an umbrella as well with mum and dad inside, which is kinda protection. I’ve been always far away from them. The scissors on one of my left hand´s finger where you supposed to have the wedding ring is because I don´t want to get married so the scissors kind of cuts the ring“.


Juan also has a couple of funny tattoos on his legs which are very special to him. He got them in Paris. “I have one ” ta gueule” on my right leg and that one you will understand if you speak french, means what it means. They are handmade with a sewing needle during a wild (really wild actually) night.. I cant really tell you how it happened but it did…

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