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Model: Federico Mosquera, Civiles agency

Launched in 2000, Civiles agency has a really clear idea of what they are looking for, what they aspire to and the steps they had to follow in order to reach success. Thanks to that they became one of the top agencies in Argentina by growing both nationally and internationally and working with brands such as Dior, Calvin Klein, Cavalli, Hermes, Coca Cola, Puma and D MAG.

Model: Flor Alzieu, Civiles agency

They connect the fashion industry with advertising by working on identity, defending new paradigms of natural beauty and looking for new paths. Civiles has the highest level of models, talents, photographers, stylists and producers.

Civiles Top Model Carla Gebhart photographed by Steven Meisel for Balenciaga campaign

Continue reading to find out all that’s necessary in the eyes of Civiles, to be successful in this industry!

ModelManagement: What is the Civiles concept? What does your agency have that stands out above the rest?

Civiles: In Civiles we base all our work on identity, and look for new paths. We propose a different esthetic view. We never developed a plan to become Argentine references throughout the world, but we did. I don’t know how other colleague agencies will think about the world of fashion, but I think they don’t feel it like us. That makes a difference.

Model: Ceci Barros, Civiles agency

MM: Three adjectives that describe you.

Civiles: Genuine / Professionals / Idealists

Model: Santiago Figueras, Civiles agency

MM: Being a key reference agency, with an impressive trajectory and having worked with huge international brands, could you give us three tips for a model to succeed in the fashion world?

Civiles: First, do not wait for the opportunity to come to look for them, but be careful, and make that happen.

Second, don’t think about this race as a dream or a fantasy, but as a serious job that requires a lot of effort and energy.

Third, understand that in this market, beauty is a common tool, and personality is the only thing that will allow differentiation.

Thomas Guarracino, Civiles model in Calvin Klein's campaign when he just started to be represented by Civiles agency

Model: Yamila Pilo, Civiles agency

MM: How did you develop the idea of ​​creating a school to teach models to work in this competitive market? It’s a very successful initiative.

Civiles: Since the moment that a new model enters Civiles, we give him/ her a very broad training: physical, acting, aesthetics, etc..

The project Civiles School was born thinking of applying these tools in all kinds of people, not only in potential professional. But at the same time, giving a very heartfelt speech about the real possibilities to work in fashion or advertising. We try to explain what is needed, how, and why not if nature provided us with certain resources.

Civiles agency

MM: What kind of profile you are searching for in your agency?

Civiles: We look to represent a kind of beauty that it’s not that obvious, even a beauty that generates doubts. What attract us are the intense look, sharp features, angular faces and elegant bodies.

Model: Alex Treutel, Civiles agency

MM: Do you work on all national or international also?

Civiles: In Argentina we are the number one agency, we work both for fashion and for Advertising. Besides providing models to the main brands, we develop a hard work to “create” new faces. On the international market, we are mother agency of models represented by the best agencies in the world. Thus, we agree to work with top brands such as Dior, Balenciaga, Chanel, Prada, Cavalli, Hermes, Calvin Klein and many others.

The image below is an example of Dior Homme campaign held in Los Angeles, shooting by Hedi Slimane. That was the beginning of Civiles’ relationship with the French house, as Federico Mosquera was the first model chosen. Then Civiles hired the same brand for two years to find new faces in the country, nowadays they have more than 10 models on the catwalk.

Model: Federico Mosquera, Civiles agency

MM: Tell us a bit about the “Scouting Civil” project, is it a way to enhance and find new talent nationally?

Civiles: Scouting Civil is the formal name of my search for new faces throughout Argentina. It was a way to give identity to something that was pretty bastardized by beauty contests. In fact it was the origin for 24 FACES, my big project of 2013.

It is a hunt of new talent across the country, next to 24 photographers and 24 fashion designers.

The result of this journey will be captured in a book, a documentary, a website and a traveling exhibition across the country.

Civiles agency

MM: Do you think the modeling profession is something that is still growing in Argentina? How do you see it in the future?

Civiles: I think so, thanks to the work of our colleagues and our work, in the last 10 years we grew the profession projected internationally.

And surely improve, as we are increasingly investing to place Argentinean talent in the world.

Model: Andrea Abrego, Civiles agency

We would like to thank Civiles for taking the time to speak with us and we hope this interview has given you new insight into such an exciting agency and model market. Take a look at Civiles on modelmanagement.com, here!