Tips & advice from professional fashion and fine art photographer Kavak Agir


Kavak is a professional fashion, lifestyle and fine art photographer located in Paris. We have asked him questions about his career and he shared his thoughts and opinions regarding photography. Kavak has described his style and gave advice to amateur photographers who want to upgrade their photography to the next level.

How did your photography passion start?
My passion started when I was in cinema In Iran I was there as director assistant but one day our photographer needed assistance so he gave me one of his camera and just explain me how camera works in manual mode in 20 minutes so we just started to shoot from the scene and then it turned out the cover of the DVD for the movie from then I loved that feeling that capturing momentum and when filming finish, I just started to buy a new camera and started photography. That was my passion for photography and capturing started.

Photographer: Kavak
Model: Tia from Studio KLRP

How would you describe your photography style?
My style is how I see everything I like to see everything in saturated colors, lights and the expression of my models and the lifestyle I want to be or I am in, I love to create a story for my editorials or my personal work and interested to see and create strong and moody women mostly.

Photographer: Kavak
Model: Aideiko from Upmodels

You do fashion, lifestyle and fine art photography, which of these is your favorite one and why?
My favorite is the fashion of course and in my fine arts, there are somehow fashion involved because I’m obsessed with the dress with clothes with every culture and different perspective from people and countries. Except the advertising or Commercial works which it depends on clients but I’m passionate to create a story based on dress and what I feel about that dresses, that’s why I make a lifestyle based on clothes and tell to my models to feel what they wear and express themselves.

Photographer: Kavak Agir

You are a self-taught photographer; Do you think is a good platform for aspiring/ new photographers that want to become professionals?
Of course, it is! when I started to learn and shoot photography, it was really hard to find models, amateur models or Pro. in general, any model. so my first year it was just me and my friends or sometimes things like plastic models because I didn’t have a good source to look and find what I want to shoot. there were some websites, but it wasn’t strong like Model Management which I could use if I knew model management back then, it was way too easy to find good models and it could make my improvement faster. Now every photographer can work with amateur or pro models and improve their portfolio. Models, so as stylists, make-up artists and hairstylist, the whole team is there! this is a great opportunity for amateur and professional people to find & cast and look for what exactly they want. I recommend it to everyone who wants to find a Model or a Team for work.

Photographer: Kavak Agir
Model: Deidei Shinobi

Where do you get your inspiration to create new ideas for your shoots?
From everything! my personal life, my experiences, different people in Street, books, music, movies. The person I want to be, or I am, or I want to have my imagination! the ideas are from everywhere! it’s about who you are and how you see the world. I think if you take a deep look into yourself and observe your personality as an artist, you will see the world differently that’s why in the first place you want to create! So I get the ideas from everything I see and I want to show people how I see the world in my own way.

Photographer: Kavak Agir
Model: Angelika Augusta

Do you think that photography is a born talent or just a tool that anybody can learn?
There are two sides to this question. there is a side that you can learn like techniques, skills and improved over time. but there is another side as I mentioned in the last question, you need to know your yourself and be in control to capture how you see everything, so it’s not born Talent, it’s much more about capture or create what is in your mind. everyone can be a photographer because everyone has a different perspective on life. I think the Talent is to find what you are good at. The rest is just work, work, and hard work.

What is your advice for photographers who want to upgrade their photography to the next level?
My first advice is to choose the right medium. I see many photographers who want to work in fashion photography but they work is not about fashion, at all! I mean if you don’t love or obsessed with dresses & fashion world, it’s not a good idea to work in fashion photography field and it’s ok! You can choose other field of photography what you like and passionate about, my second advice is to choose the right team for your work! choosing the right model, makeup artist, Hairstylist & stylist is necessary for work quality. No matter how your idea and photography skill is strong, if you choose your team wrongly, the outcome is not that strong and the last thing, Fashion photography like every other art, will improve by time, by the experience, so don’t afraid of making mistakes just shoot, shoot, shoot and you will learn by your mistakes.

Photographer: Kavak Agir
Model: Deidei Shinobi

In your opinion, is it important to photographers of your level to have social media or to be part of such community as
It’s essential because we live in a world which is changing every day as an artist, you can have a great portfolio but if no one sees you it means you do not exist! So one of the best ways to show your work and make the noise is to engage with people in the field you work in technology sometimes helps and social media is one of them!  As a fashion photographer, you have to be updated and see which brand, which trend, which magazine doing what and who is who, which is Which! social media will helps you a lot in promoting yourself and finding a good team, good people in your work who can help you is super important! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and a community like will help you to find the right person much faster and easier.

Photographer: Kavak Agir

What are the advantages of having a Premium Pro membership on
In fashion photography, there is two side! an artist and the businessman or businesswoman.
So every businessman or businesswoman knows he or she has to promote himself/herself and be exposed. I choose premium pro membership because it gave me this opportunity to cast models, message them, upload unlimited pictures And also being exposed to social media where mostly fashion people are there so it’s good for my name and for my reputation. another reason for that, as a professional photographer, I dedicate myself to my work and I mean it seriously! if someone wants to hire you when it comes to your profile it depends on your photos, on your work style, it also depends on how serious you want this job and this carrier.

Photographer: Kavak
Model: Aideiko from Upmodels

What is your favorite spot in Paris where you love to shoot?
There are many spots in Paris which I love to shoot depends on the mood but I have a shooting next Monday and I already have some spots on my mind like Boulevard Des Invalides, Concorde, Saint Micheal And some vintage style houses in Paris 18.

Photographer: Kavak Agir
Model: Eka from Studio KLRP

Do you prefer outdoor or studio photography?
I like them both but because I really love to use different lights, I mostly prefer to create the scene and do more shoots indoor, Studio, Hotels, where we can decorate as we like also outdoor somewhere I can manage and be fully in control for my lights.

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